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At the beginning of this year I was busy juggling between my teaching practice at one of the schools in Selangor as well as researching about my postgraduate studies. 527 more words

Course Insights - ENGL 3520 Semantics

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Students of this course will be espoused to a sign-oriented analysis of the meaning of meanings. The most important component of the course includes analyses of selected lexical and grammatical items of the English language based on actual language use. 255 more words

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Clubs and Societies - Syamil Sofiah Hussin | Steadfast IIUM

“The way I see it, Steadfast is a means for me and others who are involved with the club to play our little roles in tackling or finding remedies for the ummah’s problems. 2,311 more words


Join the Insiders Team and Be a Contributing Writer

Want to be a contributing writer for The BENL Insider? The task of a contributing writer is simply to write informative articles that BENL students can benefit from. 88 more words

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Pet peeve: Am I right being in BENL?

Some BENL students I know find themselves in doubt whether they should be in the programme. Which raises the question: am I right being in BENL? 804 more words

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starter pack for Introduction to programming (Bridging , BSC0115)

Assalamu Alaikum . . . Helloww and welcome to our first post here in KICT starter packs for IIUM ICT students . we’ll be updating this site regularly(!) in sha allah . 289 more words


Postgraduate Studies - Siti Khamizah Kholil | Durham University

“It’s the kind of place you’d grab a book and read under a tree. It is a quaint little picturesque town, with hills and rivers and all things pastoral – rabbits, horses, you name it. 2,200 more words