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Picture of The Day: Ikaros

Ikaros looking so damn cute in this picture and alas, I made this one a Picture of The Day contribution for you to enjoy. For you who are a fans of this Sora no Otoshimono character, surely you will like this one.



I got this bean candy from my friend who went out overseas and when I got it, I know I have to do something with it. 10 more words


Crystal of Life

Today is just a simple blog post ~ I found that glass crystal lying around in my house and I decided to take it with me :D Get the room as dark as I can and here it is!


Pistachio Landslide

I’ve been eating a lot of this pistachio before. It was introduced to me by one of my friends in the past. it’s totally delicious. I remember correctly, that I scout in many places at Singapore just for this. 22 more words


Summer 2015 Anime Marathon Part 7: Heaven's Lost Property

This is one of my favorite animes. Not because of all the fan service, but because of the writing. It has excellent characters, a good story and great humor. 254 more words

New Participants

I got this a long time ago and the very first time I bought Nendoroids in a big bulk (Well, not that big, only 3 though XD) But I have been wanting these Nendoroids for a very very long time. 114 more words