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Ikat is a fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving. It is technique of tie-dyeing and weaving where the yarn is tie-dyed (at pre-determined intervals) such that the final pattern emerges once the fabric is woven. 177 more words

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The word ‘ikat’ derives from the Malay-Indonesian word ‘mengikat’ which translates as to tie or bind.

The creative process is an oxymoron where the finished result is a blurred image but the techniques are complex requiring tying, dyeing, untying, re-tying and dying again of the multiple threads in precise colours and positions. 23 more words


Shibori, Ikat and Sustainability

the 10th International Shibori Symposium

Oaxaca, Mexico

Last November, I had the good fortune to attend the 10th International Shibori Symposium, held in Oaxaca. Three hundred or so participants came from all over the world to gather and talk about tie-dye and related matters. 420 more words


Curms swimwear and accessories

Maak kennis met Curms, een duurzaam en bovenal prachtige productlijn op het gebied van sportieve zwemkleding en accessoires. Ik heb regelmatig de eer om deze jonge succesvolle start-up te ondersteunen met haar teksten en labels voor de productlijn en doe dit natuurlijk met liefde en trots.


Exhibition: Textiles from Sumba, Indonesia

Exhibition dates: this is an online exhibition, available to view indefinitely

A special exhibition of textiles from Sumba, curated by HALI contributing editor Thomas Murray and drawing from his extensive collection, is available to view online. 307 more words



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Buddhist Weavers of Maniabandha - A Confluence of Ideas

One of India’s greatest gifts to the world of ideas is Buddhism, a religion that was propounded by Gautama Buddha in the middle of 1st millennium BCE, on the principles of compassion and detachment.

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