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The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is back in action

Norfolk, Va. – The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) is back.

The 38-year-old aircraft carrier was spotted cruising down the Elizabeth River on Friday morning after spending nearly two years at Norfolk Naval Shipyard for a scheduled docking planned incremental availability (DPIA). 148 more words


Who Stole My Country 19 - Eisenhower

In the 1952 presidential campaign, Eisenhower introduced a new element into American politics – television and radio image ad campaigns — the selling of politicians like corn flakes. 847 more words


I finally managed to put my hair fire out.  With no lasting damage. I think it looks fine.  If it doesn’t look fine, please don’t tell me, just let me wander about the earth with singed hair, for the sake of my sanity please and thank you. 337 more words


Midseason Show Reflections

Ike and I just survived our third licensed show of the year.  Three down, three to go.  Overall, I am thrilled with how our season is progressing, but as always, the perfectionist in me wants more.  882 more words

Equestrian Sports


So I’m chaperoning a youth trip this weekend and am in a somewhat remote location bonding with 20 or so teenagers. Please, try to control your envy! 250 more words


Hawaii NPR's Bytemarks Cafe hosted an ESW member!

A big Mahalo to Bytemarks Cafe for having ESW and KCC student Jessica Grazziotin on the Sustainability Episode 362! She starts 10min in talking about the upcoming IKE symposium and how her internship at… 286 more words


Inside IPsec VPN Tunnels Part I


This article will open a series of Netquarks posts related to the IPsec protocol. IPsec provides IP protocol security at layer 3 of the OSI stack; IPv4 natively lacks an encryption option in its header, making insecure since packet contents can easily be read utilizing sniffing software. 2,645 more words