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Year 4, Day 103

Meanwhile, Frontier 8 enters Duna’s sphere of influence! Quite by accident, Ike will also be intercepted by Frontier 8! It will only be a fly-by however, as Frontier 8’s true mission is to start detailed scans of Duna itself! 99 more words

Frontier Probes

Year 4, Day 96

Our engineers think we can get Frontier 5 pretty close to Ike, Duna’s sole moon, while we attempt to close the orbit. Thrusters fire, maneuvering the probe and lander nice and close to Ike!

Frontier Probes

Motorist Faces Aggravated DUI, Homicide Charges In Pedestrian Death On I-290

(STMW) — Prosecutors allege a man was driving drunk when his car struck and killed early Saturday on the Eisenhower Expressway on the West Side. 182 more words