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Stuffs. [Prince Richard again +Ike ]

That one character you always draw instinctively when you feels like art-ing but don’t know what to draw.  (For me that is Ike…pfff, this  fucking bitch… I didnt even play his game ahah) 85 more words

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Ike Is Entering the NFL Draft 

You heard it here first! Ike has decided to forego his remaining years of eligibility in dressage and enter the NFL draft. He believes his skills will impress recruiters for defensive tackle or for the offensive line. 385 more words

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Ike wanted to wish his fans a Happy Valentine’s Day. He hopes everyone got some yummy treats. He got apples and peppermints. As you can see, he was not overly impressed with the year end ribbons from the state banquet.

Equestrian Sports

IPSec VPN - Key Terms

The following article is a brief introduction to IPSec VPN that is utilized to provide a logical connection between 2 sites (Site to Site) or a client and a site (Client to Site). 145 more words


Cisco PIX Technology

Ciso PIX Security Appliance.Cisco PIX Security applications can enforce policies on users and applications.Cisco PIX can protect you from many different network and Internet based attacks.Cisco PIX offers secure connectivity, using methods such as SSHv2 Secure Shell Two and VPN virtual private networks.This is fairly easy to setup.Cisco PIX can provide you with secure VOIP voice over internet protocol. 182 more words

Girl Hope

I find that this image “Girl Hope” from Julie Nutting just speaks to my style.  I find her to be me (lol).  I have to believe in myself and dream that I can do it.  25 more words

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