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Proud Lion, Departing

(Oct. 22, 2017)  I was the only one of her Sailors there to see her off. She departed in dignity under her own power, gracefully allowing her story to close out. 1,619 more words


Happy Fall Y'all!

Hello friends, 

 It has been a spell since my last post.  Life has again decided that I should divert my attention elsewhere.  Work, family, chores, dogs, and yardwork fill my waking hours.  591 more words

Equestrian Sports

IPsec: main mode, aggressive mode, & phase 2.

Internet Protocol security (IPSec) is very common these days and found in every single network, whether it’s in the form a Lan2Lan tunnel or a client side remote access VPN. 547 more words

Aggressive Mode

The End of The Beginning

The Agents of Death are restless and agitated. They demand fifteen names this time, and are shouting at us to finish “quickly, quickly!”

I was pretty safe last year, so I only add my name once. 1,450 more words

Casual Cruelty

After the ceremony, the kitchen staff brings out a tray of the Saratogan’s infamous Green Drink. Kohana calls out to those gathered. “The color green holds the energy of life and growth.” 947 more words

Clouds Illusion

“Welcome, everyone, to Studio 54!”

Sorrento has completely outdone himself tonight. Billowing clouds cover every inch of the floor, spewed from dozens of industrial fog machines throughout the club. 1,245 more words

Operation Fatherlord (by Bill LaViolette)

Men, are you to blame for the inability of your wife to get pregnant? Tired of shelling out big bucks to be poked, prodded and examined by doctors with cold hands? 468 more words