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Blood in the Water Splashes Down

I don’t know about other writers but my mind sees stories everywhere.

If I see a shady looking guy in the produce aisle at the grocery store, I’ve concocted a story about global vegetable sabotage before I get to the pet food section. 641 more words

No surrender to Gehry Ike

News that the Eisenhower family has been flipped and now supports the design of a proposed memorial to their patriarch by celebrity architect Frank Gehry is depressing, and maybe even predictable, but it’s too early for opponents of the monstrosity to throw in the towel. 341 more words


David Warms Up: Day 49


Five scientists in coveralls sit around a white room. Tables and countertops are covered with notes, a dry erase board stands scrawled with formulae and diagrams. 571 more words


bellevue square with the girls

The week after school let out, the girls and I drove over to Bellevue for a day out while Ivan was acting as a counselor for Ike’s summer drama camp. 188 more words

#Spotlight IKE' (Strength) | Photoseries by KAOXX featuring Robert Odudu

IKE’ is a photo series centered around fitness guru Robert Odudu! He’s shown exhibiting IKE’ which is an igbo term for the words “Strength, Power or Energy”. 33 more words


Happy Gotcha Day!

When I was in my early 20’s and looking for gainful employment, I always hated the question, “Where do you want to be in five years?”  Umm, employed and no longer living in my childhood bedroom?  314 more words

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