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Tables are Turned as Robots Assemble IKEA Furniture

Hackaday pages are rife with examples of robots being built with furniture parts. In this example, the tables are turned and robots are the masters of IKEA pieces… 234 more words

Robots Hacks

Decorating Dictionary: Flat Pack Furniture

The dismantled components of the flat-packed “El Cheapo” desk from Spaas located in Cape Town | source: via Spaas

The finished “El Cheapo” desk from Spaas – it requires no screws or glue | source: via… 135 more words


4 Ways to (Not) Move Out of Your Italian Parents' Home

  1. Don’t. Why are you so ungrateful? Did we not stuff you with mortadella? Did we not wash and air dry your underwear?
  2. Move into a property owned by your parents…
  3. 817 more words

Our Bar Cart

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to share how we came about deciding on getting a bar cart and how we wanted it to look. I have to say that I am very happy with out come, it looks just like I wanted and makes me feel super trendy and adult like. 283 more words



Hello! I went to IKEA yesterday with Charles and Oliver!

I bought a bookshelf! I’ll post pictures once I have it built.

We had this yummy Swedish dessert: 37 more words

Daily Update

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

You use it every morning and every evening, yet it is probably an overlooked area that you don’t think about decluttering and organizing. Today we are tackling the bathroom medicine cabinet. 422 more words


Mandala and Pilos Cafe, the best coffee in town!

Located across from Rumah Mickey is the Mandala Restaurant. Upstairs is the Pilos Cafe. This restaurant is a favorite for many for its excellent air-conditioning, modern decor, excellent customer service, clean facilities, and affordable meals and drinks. 68 more words

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