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Imogen Charlotte's nursery

So the main things I focused on getting were a rocking chair (secondhand from IKEA), a STICK (ground scored from the nature preserve by our house while walking), and (not pictured – yet) a sheepskin rug (scoured the Internet for this and eventually found one sold by Polish farmers at the flohmarkt in Bonn). 168 more words


IKEA is my b%$&!

I spent three hours conquering IKEA the other night and installing the RIMFORSA series in my kitchen.  The guys at the Ace Hardware down the street from me were super helpful – I told them I needed to hang something on plaster walls and I didn’t have a stud every spot I needed to support the weight.   483 more words


Mobile Marketing: Do it right!

We all know how smart phone dependent our society has become, particularly, I would say, in the last 5 years. You notice it most when you inexplicably forget/lose your phone and have to function a full day without it; or when you tell a child there was a time before… 624 more words


Housewares: Decking out the dorm

Going away to college or university is the first chance many of us have to truly create a space of our own, defined though it might be by the limits of space, budget and boring architecture. 351 more words


5 things I always buy at Ikea

I haven’t been to Ikea in about six months and yet, within the past three weeks, I have shopped there three times.  Go figure.

Just like at Costco, there are a few staples that I usually buy at Ikea.   184 more words



Khúc nhạc vang lên từ trong bếp :

“Ba là cây nến hồng

Mẹ là cây nến xanh

Con là cây nến hồng

Ba ngọn nến lung linh… 3,174 more words

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