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The real reality of home improvement...

We are about to see the end of another series of The Block. The renovation show that is more about getting tradies to do the work while you go and spend ridiculous money on fluffy stuff and then complain cause you’ve run out of money and can’t pay your trades. 460 more words

The Bathroom

Alfredo, our amazing plumber, was here this week and in one day did just about everything that needed to be done. This means that the upstairs toilet is working, our bathroom is now almost finished, and the kitchen will also be after the electricians have finished their work next week. 680 more words

Passive House

Organizing my craft space

I blogged about my trip to IKEA to get some stuff for mye crafting space. Thing is the crafting space also serves as a guest room so in addition to everything having it’s place when I’m being creative, it’s also nice not making the guests feel like they are sleeping in a craft storage..  340 more words


Pancake Sunday

Last week I was lucky enough to have pancakes made for me as a Sunday breakfast.

They were American-style and adorned with strawberries and drenched in maple syrup. 54 more words


How i organize my beauty products.

Makespace asked me to share with you my way of organizing my favorite products; My beauty products.

Makespace is a company that specializes in storage.  378 more words


Three Best Brands On Twitter & Three Best Business Blogs.


According to Post PlannerStarbucks, Forever 21 and Play Station are just three examples of brands that are thriving on… 752 more words


Reclaimed Entryway Just in Time for Colder Weather

For a long time after we moved in, the area next to our front door was a dumping ground for anything and everything. There were boxes, excess furniture, chairs, and a dresser all there at one point. 309 more words

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