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home: favourite thing [ outdoor dining ] 

home: favourite thing [ outdoor dining ]

Even with a small outdoor space or a balcony you can make the most of the space with the use of the great… 75 more words

Favourite Thing

Camino preparation: The Third Way Out of Bilbao

It’s been a long time since I’ve been searching for those yellow arrows. I’m hoping to spend two weeks on the Camino this summer, and I’ve been pretty lazy this winter. 813 more words


My previous experience of working for IKEA

When I worked in MSL Group, IKEA was the main client of our team. We helped them plan and launch the Hangzhou store opening campaign. The key message was “IKEA is coming”. 434 more words

All about the boxes

Packing involves boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes.

Storage also tends to involve boxes too so we thought ‘hey, why not combine the two?’

Although this place came unfurnished, the previous tenant had obviously decided to leave some stuff behind including the units we decided to put the TV on and store all DVDs and Xbox games in.  504 more words


Creating the Perfect Entry

I love my new entry, but it was definitely a point of contention between the husband and me. He likes open spaces and doesn’t care what things look like as long as his 6’3” frame is unlikely to bump into it. 440 more words


OCD Series: Caps Organization

Do you feel that the caps kept in a drawer or a basket get all crumpled and de-shaped? I felt that way and looked for a better way of storing the caps – without damaging their shape. 227 more words


Lighting the Way for Baby, Pt. 1

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging this month because May has been so crazy hectic for me, but while dealing with the madness that is my life, I managed to squeeze in some time to surf the web for cutesy little pieces to help turn my house into a home for when Baby arrives (8 weeks and counting). 578 more words