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I'm going home!

So, I am finally going home! I was moved onto low-residue diet last night and have kept down three solid food meals. I feel fine, albeit a bit tired, and am itching to get back to my space. 43 more words


So, I’m on free fluids but I’m having some trouble keeping it down. We think it is linked to my anxiety so I’m having diazopan to help keep me calm. 147 more words

Ostomy Supplies: ordering and my daily bag.

Ordering ostomy supplies can be really overwhelming. There are so many different companies, styles, and products to chose from. Luckily most companies will send you free samples of their products for you to try – but putting in a real order can be stressful if you are not confident you’ve found the right products. 1,731 more words


Your Greatest Fear Could Be Your Biggest Opportunity

Have you ever had dreams or goals so big they scared you? Good! Now that I have you thinking about your dreams and goals let’s dig a little deeper.  468 more words

Surgery went well

I’ll keep this brief as I am very brain foggy.

Yesterday I had my EUA (endoscopy under anaesthetic). From the results, my surgeon determined I would indeed need stoma surgery. 65 more words

Naming my medical devices improved recovery.

Diglett and Portabella Winfree

There are a multitude of changes that come with surgery, especially if a device is implanted or part of your body becomes exposed in a new way. 935 more words

Chronic Illness

Surgery update (in rant form. Sorry)

On Saturday, I had what’s called an EUA, or endoscopy under anaesthetic, in order to see what was going on in my jpouch. It showed the entrance was narrowed by a stricture and there was some liquid in it so they inserted a drain. 367 more words