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That Feeling

That feeling you get when you load a fresh roll film into your camera (in this case Pan F Plus 50 into a Yashica Mat 124G). 169 more words

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The Results Are In - Yashica Mat 124G and Ilford SFX 200 Film

I received the scans today from my first attempt at using extended red sensitivity film and my Yashica Mat 124G. Only six images were exposed correctly. 246 more words

Daily Post

How Would You Print This?

Two options for printing this image.  Since I’m spending a lot of time in the darkroom over Thanksgiving, comments appreciated.

Full Frame:

Or Cropping out the Grass:

Probably cropped…..I think.

Iconic Structures

A few more….iconic Structures from Heart Mountain:

Above: The Incinerator (original structure); Below: a reconstructed guard tower.

52 Rolls Week 36:52

A Visit to Heart Mountain Relocation Center.  Or at least that’s the official name.  I prefer internment camp………

Upper Left: wall from one of the remaining barracks; The Flag at the Visitor’s Center; 76 more words


Heart Mountain Relocation Center

In a world gone Crazy it felt good to post this week on my photo diary on a subject of social injustice…….

Here just a few of my Best/Favorites:

See More Here.

52 Rolls Week 21:52

This Week wrapping up my trip to the Moab Photo Symposium.  We stayed an extra day to wander through bot Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  I highly recommend Canyonlands if you are passing through the area.   222 more words