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Its another Raya Poem

This is my first post and still trying to understand how to used WordPress. in case there’s anything wrong with my post please be kind to advise me how to make my blog a better one… 256 more words

Five minutes to get ready?!

I had five minutes to choose an outfit for work today.. (where I always have to look presentable) and this was the outfit I chucked together.  527 more words


My Frank Body Coffee Scrub Experience.

About two months ago I ordered the Frank Body ‘Original Coffee Scrub’, and I’m now parting with the product (I’m choosing wisely when I’m going to finish up and use the last handful) 429 more words


One of my favourite things.

Everywhere I go I’m guaranteed to stop at least twice to take pictures, and most of the time it’s the sky or the view from a certain spot. 362 more words


The Things That I am grateful for:


  1. Mummy Laila
  2. Mussi
  3. Lina
  4. Nadia
  5. Tata and Jido
  6. Arifa
  7. Zaina
  8. Miss Dalida
  9. Miss Sima the art teacher
  10. Bana
  11. Mira
  12. Majdoleen
  13. Giorgia
  14. Katia
  15. Yasmine
  16. Noha…
  17. 176 more words
7 Years Old

[ENG] I Like - Takezawa Migiwa

hey, this is my first time translating japanese song to english, and those languages are not my native languages, so, pardon the messy and wrong grammar ^^; 213 more words


What's in my make-up bag?

Phi-phi trying to sneak in to my post..

So today guys I thought I’d write a “what’s in my make-up bag” post just to share with you some of my favourite make-up products that I wear almost every day and that I can’t go without. 1,209 more words