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Sure Shot - Beastie Boys 1994

Det fede ved at skrive de her tanker, oplevelser, betragtninger knyttet til mine yndlingssange ned, er at det kræver, at jeg altid lige finder ud af hvornår sangene er fra og hvilket album de hører til – for det gør altså langt de flest af mine sange. 1,227 more words


Beastie Boys - Closing Thoughts


‘An Open Letter to the Beastie Boys’

Dear Ad-rock, MCA and Mike D,

Firstly, let it be noted that – as it seemed to be the sole intended learning outcome from your recorded output – that I was able to recall, without the aid of Wikipedia, all of your names. 1,854 more words

Hello Nasty (1998)

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I fear I’m becoming repetitive. But if I am then so are the Beastie Boys. Album five gets the same critique as the previous three. 1,328 more words

Ill Communication (1994)

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May has been a trying month, testing all my skill and guile.

Avid readers of AiR must have spotted the absence of Rory. 2,753 more words

Paul's Boutique (1989)

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This album sounds fucking brilliant. I really like the Dust Brothers sample-laden production (Odelay by Beck was one of my favourite albums when was younger). 2,412 more words

May '15 - Beastie Boys

Kick of ya shoes and relax ya socks – it’s this month’s Artist In Residence


It was Sabotage. I recall a BBC Two series of brief, 10-minute interviews with footballers, and those distinctive, pounding drums and energetic bass were used as the theme tune. 2,022 more words