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Leave your shoes at the door

Please, leave your shoes right here at the door—

  • Worn shreds of poverty and thrift
  • No-nonsense purveyors of roomy comfort
  • Ubiquitous symbols of status or station…
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Repossession of Power

The meeting of severe souls
Outwardly painted as allies
But inwardly blatant gluttons
Filling their nepotistic cups
To extravagant overflow
Followers left to the scraps… 49 more words



and all of a sudden
without any explanation at all
the focus of attention jumped
from the poorly arranged merchandise
on the side of the checkout queue… 190 more words

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Ill-Gotten Gains

One of those little indications of the difference between American and British English is the verb to get. In American (and Canadian) English its past-simple form is… 350 more words

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