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New at Live Action: Gloria Steinem Accidentally Undermines Pro-Abortion Arguments

Whether she’s sharing blatantly sexist quotes such as: “if men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament” or she’s excusing Bill Clinton’s treatment of women… 187 more words

Abortion in Brazil: a matter of life and death

Donna Bowater – The Guardian, 2/1/2015

Born five years apart, sisters Joyce and Jandyra Magdalena dos Santos Cruz lived together in a simple low-rise in Guaratiba, a poor neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, with Joyce’s four children, Jandyra’s two daughters, and their mother, Marie Ângela. 123 more words

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Women on Waves illegal Abortions

In response to the article “No one can prevent all abortion. You can only eliminate safe abortions” by Jessica Valenti, I agree with the author, but only if the women was sexually abused, a raped victim or if the baby is sick and she needs to get an abortion. 489 more words


Why Roe v. Wade should matter to all women.

When the Supreme Court passed down its landmark decision 41 years ago upholding a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, lights went on everywhere, forcing backstreet abortionists to pack up their dirty tools and close down shop. 1,153 more words

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Brazil's restrictions on abortion may get more restrictive

Lourdes Garcia-Navarro – NPR, 10/28/2013

The doctor’s office is clean and white and comfortingly bland in an upscale neighborhood of Sao Paulo. We were given the address by a health professional who told us one of the doctors here gives safe abortions in a country where they are illegal. 67 more words

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Abortion - a woman's right?

In Zambia we have rather tricky abortion laws. Abortion is not totally outlawed and Zambia is even known to have the most liberal abortion law in the region. 288 more words