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Illegal Aliens Called Undocumented Immigrants?

OK, forget the ranting politics on both sides of the dilemma. However, as a long-retired news writer and son of immigrant parents, I’m somewhat sympathetic. Let’s try to make doing something illegal sound a bit less traumatic. 90 more words

It's Time For Common Cens[us]

And this would truly be excellent! It’s time Middle America helps pave the road that America travels down instead of coastal populations. As a country, we MUST know how many citizens, as well as how many non-citizens INCLUDING illegal aliens, are within our borders. 38 more words

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Illegal Alien Trash Felons At Home in California

And here is one of our major problems — lawyers that fuel this ridiculousness! This piece of crap was here illegally. He killed an innocent woman. 69 more words

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Sanctuary California: Illegal alien who killed 6-year-old was previously deported twice and arrested for DUI — Fellowship of the Minds

“The federal government ought to do its job and not blame California.” Tell me Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Libby Schaaf: Who is to blame now?

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No More Freebies For Illegals!

That is good and fine and everything but my question remains:

Why in hell are we allowing any illegal to receive welfare benefits? Why are we allowing any illegal to receive social security? 27 more words

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Trojan Horse Trump

#trumpelstiltskin #trojanhorse

Trump’s own grandfather was an illegal immigrant whose income stream included alcohol and prostitution at a time when these were legally contested. He was an unwanted returnee to Germany, whom the Kaiser, in his infinite wisdom, kicked right back out of Germany, for being a Draft Dodger. 373 more words

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