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The End Justifies The Means

Gone are the days in which we once cherished the delicate balance between government authority and individual liberty.

Our Constitution, that once connected one generation to the next by restraining the excess of the present, is being erased. 1,094 more words


The Sheer Clusterfuck That Is Obtaining A Visa In The Czech Republic

I admit that I was completely and dreadfully ignorant when I arrived in Europe, (fresh off the boat, as the saying goes) most notably to the fact that one simply cannot go and live in another country without permission; official and lawful permission that is time-consuming, expensive, and mind-numbingly tedious to obtain. 2,196 more words


On the way home in the car this afternoon, listening to Rush Limbaugh, he was talking about the measles outbreak in Southern California. He said he believed the outbreak of this disease, practically irradiated in the U.S., was because of all the un-vaccinated illegal alien children President Obama’s immigration policies have attracted to the U.S. 278 more words

President Obama

Nearly 26,000 undocumented Nevada residents receive Driver Autorization Cards

BY: Geoff Dornan gdornan@nevadaappeal.com

As 2014 ended, there were 25,910 undocumented immigrants driving legally on Nevada roads and highways.

That number included 23,840 who passed both the written and driving skills test and another 2,070 who passed the written test and received an instruction permit — typically the 15 1/2 year-old children of those immigrants. 470 more words

Vanderbilt Professor: We Knew So Little About Obama's Background; Not Native-Born!?

Black Vanderbilt Professor: We Knew So Little 

About Obama’s Background; Not Native-Born!?

Professor Carol Swain doesn’t hold back on her thoughts about Obama. Professor Swain basically says Obama is destroying America noting we elected someone that we knew so little about his background.

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Cash and Harry

Technically he’s an illegal alien. So there’s that.

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