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Ted Cruz the ineligible and the 2016 Democrat end Game

Barack Obama’s illegitimate and fabled background has done more to awaken the citizenry to a Constitutional crisis then the global elitist’s would have ever imagined. Why start with Barry Obama? 1,723 more words


Barack Obama 'We the Muslims'

Here is Obama in his own words “We the Muslims”

Obama referred to himself as part of the “Muslim Community” at the G20 meeting in Turkey today! 6 more words


GOP candidate exposes media bias over Obama presidency

Presidential candidate Ben Carson just leveled some heavy accusations against the press on CNN today surrounding the media’s treatment of President Obama prior to his election in 2012. 31 more words

... Now , At least We Know [#POTUS Exec Amnesty Plan]...

.. it seems that even Obama ‘ s own people do not know how to keep their own big mouths shut . Especially when discretion would be the better part of valour … 142 more words

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np 010 Illegal Immigration

The heartbreaking photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who died along with his young brother and mother in an attempt to reach Greece was pictured on the front pages of most world publications this week as well as on many websites. 416 more words


What Horrifies You?

What horrifies you? In a world filled with injustice and hurtful behavior, we kind of need to (unfortunately) prioritize what we get offended at. We… 853 more words


Can We Build A Wall?

Can we build a wall on our southern border?

• The US-Mexico border is approximately 1,900 miles, or 10,032,000 ft long
• Trump said he would build a wall 30 feet deep (in the ground?), and 30 feet high, and I’ll assume 10 feet thick… 118 more words

Illegal Immigration