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Senator Jeff Sessions Discusses Trump Immigration Plan (Video 8/25/16)...

Senator Jeff Sessions appeared on Fox and Friends this morning for an interview.  Topics included the current presidential race and Donald Trump’s immigration proposal(s):

International Policing Protocol: Don’t Link Terror Attacks to Islam or ISIS

Globalists use “Protocol 12” to cover up jihadist attacks in the West

Wayne Madsen | Infowars.com – August 25, 2016 Comments


The global public is unaware of the fact that many of their governments have either subscribed to or aligned themselves with international policing protocols that prevent their national and local law enforcement agencies from describing terrorist attacks committed by Islamist radicals as “Islamic State/ISIS-related” or “jihadist inspired.” 1,248 more words

Agenda 21

"Cesar Chavez' Unintended Consequence" Tanka 251

Quit callin’em ‘grants:

they’re illegal aliens

despite ‘Chamber’ talk

It’s about low wages, cheap grapes,

and not what farmworkers want!

J Richards

A Positive Perspective On Trump's "Immigration Policy Shift"...

A good perspective picked from the comments provided by Duke Taber:

With over 1,100 comments on this issue, obviously a lot of people have strong opinions about KC . 546 more words

Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Stabs British Woman; Authorities Say ‘Nothing to do With Religion’

“Allahu Akbar” means “God is greater”

Paul Joseph Watson – August 24, 2016 140 Comments


A man who shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the stabbing of a British woman in Australia was not motivated by religion, according to authorities. 289 more words


Kellyanne Conway Is Not Helping Donald Trump - And Perhaps That's the Plan...

There were two types of people who attended CPAC in March 2016 and gave Speaker Paul “Omnibus” Ryan (the former chair of the budget, well, actually, non-budget committee) a standing ovation. 937 more words

Media Bias