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Ted Cruz is not the love of the Republican party. He is certainly despised by Democrats.  Ted is not politically correct.  He follows his heart.  This doesn’t make him a Washington outsider though. 330 more words

Illegal Aliens

Strange how fences & walls seem to work at keeping people out

“In Philadelphia, we’ll offer a very different vision for our country. One that is about building bridges, not walls.” —Hillary

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 23, 2016…

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2016 Election

Rise to Power: A Dangerous Similarity

Well, what can I say? There have been tons of memes put on the Internet, a lot of jokes made, names called, fingers pointed, and what else is there to say about Donald Trump? 1,409 more words


5th Circuit Court Abets Voter Fraud

From Lifezette.

In a display of blatant judicial activism, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld an earlier ruling that a Texas voter ID law does not comply with the Voting Rights Act.

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How Clooney's "Refugee" Lecture is Working For Him

by Rev. Austin Miles

It is amazing how movie stars who are sheltered from the world, tucked in mansions behind iron gates with security guards, feel they can dictate how those not living in mansions must live their lives. 853 more words

Illegal Aliens