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Another moral reason to secure our borders

During my recent blog post, Dreamers and Deceivers, I submitted reasons why I think people come to the United States illegally, and why there are moral problems with that.  1,292 more words


Pelosi Celebrates Putting Illegal Aliens Before Our Troops at Fancy DC Restaurant With Fellow Dems

Via 100percentfedup

Late Friday evening, House and Senate Democrats voted to shut down our government and use our military as political pawns in their fight to keep 800,000 illegal aliens and their extended families in America, hoping that if they show they are fighting to keep illegals here, millions of illegals will become future Democrat voters.  

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Rep. Gutiérrez: Republicans Want to End Legal Immigration to the US

ㅤô¿ô …All nations have adopted isolationist policies at some times in their history, when it was deemed necessary. More and more Americans, of all ethnicities, are becoming convinced that for America, one of those times is now. 48 more words


Why are the "Noble" Dems Defending Grownup DACA Kids and Not the Rights of the Unborn? - A KJ Sunday Morning Reflection

“Today, we focus our attention on the love and protection each person, born and unborn, deserves regardless of disability, gender, appearance, or ethnicity,”  – President Donald J.

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Jim Acosta Is Not a Journalist and The Schumer Shutdown

Jim Acosta of Fake News CNN is not a journalist. Acosta is just another far left liberal disguised as a journalist. Jim has no comments or concerns about Pelosi and Schumer’s total hypocrisy when the opposed the government in 2013. 388 more words


Dreamers and Deceivers

In my blog post The truth about government shutdowns, I explained how US government shutdowns work.  I thought it was also important to explain why the government is shutting down in January 2018. 1,433 more words