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WoW Trump Effect - CNBC Charging $250,000 Per 30 Second GOP Debate Commercial...

NEW YORK – CNBC is asking advertisers to pay a cool $250,000 to get their 30-second spot on the third Republican presidential debate, The Post has learned. 179 more words

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Everybody makes money from a popular person, if Trump wasn't there they would get half that amount at best, probably a lot less.

Polling Convergence - OAN/GRAVIS and Reuters Show Donald Trump Surging With 34 - 35% Support...

Reuters Trend Polling and OAN/Gravis Polling have each announced and updated Presidential Polling for the GOP race 2016.   The results are exceptionally similar.  Both polling outcomes reflect Donald Trump with a massive lead amid the rest of the field. 392 more words

Election 2016

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So far so good Trump stays in the lead and pulls ahead while the RNC minions are left behind. I wish the Cruz would get more traction he is a good guy with lots to offer.

Latest National Poll - Donald Trump Leading With 25%, Rubio 16%, Carson 15%...

YouGov has published another national poll of 450 Republican Voters (full pdf below).  One of the more interesting aspects to this specific poll is the inability of the Fiorina Campaign to capitalize on the beneficial media. 367 more words

Media Bias

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Do what they may Trump stays on top. The people can't be fooled this time.

The illogical logic of politocians boils down to WIIFM

Let’s pretend a cult performs human sacrifices then sells the body parts. The outcry to such an unthinkable act would be tremendous yet some want you to overlook the fetal harvesting undertaken by Planned Parenthood.  550 more words

50th Anniversary of the Ted Kennedy Bill That Led to the Illegal Alien Crisis

From The Conservative Review.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the 1965 “Hart-Cellar” immigration act, commonly referred to as “the Kennedy Immigration bill.”  At the time, the bill was sold as a modest increase in immigration from the four decades of low immigration and some blatantly discriminatory policies.  

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Day #1 - Operation "Cold Anger" Begins...

Operation “Cold Anger” is in direct response to the GOPe road map created by the republican party apparatus (professional political class) to nominate Jeb Bush. 1,654 more words

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Good analysis and it could work if we work hard at it; money is hard to beat but boots on the ground and proper use of social media can prevail. I can't think of anything more important that beating the RNC/GOPe and stopping Jeb Bush. I think Trump is for real and he is the only one than can really make a difference and stop the move to convert us into an oligarchy.