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Consumers In Dire Need Of Support

I’m sorry that I’ve done a lot of posts that haven’t been based on content recently and I was going to post about Whiplash (that’ll come tomorrow). 769 more words

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Illegally Downloading Or Streaming Anime ¯\(°_o)/¯

So this topic is one that can cause some controversy I guess and it’s about illegally downloading or streaming anime. Now I can already see the looks that many people have on their faces but I think that it is an interesting topic. 248 more words


Internet users receive illegal downloading notices, but what do they mean?

HALIFAX – If you like to download songs, movies or TV shows and recently received a copyright infringement warning notice – you’re not alone.

As of January 1, 2015, internet service providers (ISP) are legally required to pass on these notices as part of Canada’s Copyright Modernization Act. 429 more words


Interview: Petri Lindroos - Ensiferum

Finish folk metal heroes Ensiferum are set to unleash their sixth studio record, One Man Army, to the world. We sat down with frontman Petri Lindroos… 921 more words


Here's how people are secretly watching 50 Shades of Grey

So you want to watch 50 Shades of Gray ASAP, but you’re too embarrassed to actually go see it in the movie theater. If this describes you, don’t worry — you’ve got a few hundred thousand people just like you. 111 more words


The Price of Pirating

Can anyone really tell if you download music or movies illegally over the internet? The answer is “yes” and the consequences can be big.

In this part of the country, so far removed from the busy city-scape and clogged information super-highway of the big city, we may think we’re immune or hidden from such things. 412 more words

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New regulations about illegal downloading go into effect

TORONTO – Looking to get your hands on a digital copy of The Interview, or Fury, or Birdman before they hit store shelves? Or how about the latest episode of… 903 more words