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Pirated Blu-Ray Versions of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Have Hit the Internet

Copies of one the highest-grossing movies ever won’t hit stores for another couple of weeks, but hundreds of thousands of people are reportedly already watching at home. 186 more words


A Pirate's Life for Me...

We’ve all seen the ads before movies, the anti-piracy ones that no matter how you try you can’t skip. Perhaps back in the days when they were more prevalent, there wasn’t as much as need for them as it there is today. 316 more words


Somebody Take 'Mercy' on Kanye

Hordes of online pirates reportedly have been illegally downloading Kanye West’s newest album, with one estimate saying that half a million people downloaded a pirated copy of the album in the first day of its release. 206 more words


What is Good about Downloading

When I was growing up, the word pirated copy conjured up a wealth of negative connotations: poor quality, awful sound, cinema recording. Today, the term isn’t used as much, as the 21st century equivalent of a knock-off copy is an illegal download. 424 more words

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Indonesia Cracks Down on Illegal Music Downloads

(Athena, 25/11) Jakarta. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia has blocked 22 websites which suspected infringed on the copyrights of Indonesian musicians. 130 more words


Sixteen Years Since Napster

“A virus that ends up eating the host”Phil Collen’s description of illegal downloading – Def Leppard

“I think the term ‘piracy’ is absurd. Piracy is people boarding a ship with violence and killing people and physically stealing material goods. 797 more words


Throwback Thursdays! "Hey Ya!" by Outkast

It is crazy to think that “Hey Ya!” off the juggernaut album  Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by Outkast came out 12 years ago this week! This song has a particular Nostalgic value to me as it was the first song I illegally downloaded before the song had even been released. 93 more words