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Piracy: Outdated Punishment

Is the punishment for illegal file sharing too steep? If you’re caught illegally downloading, you can face charges up to $250,000 and/or up to five years in jail. 236 more words


Drilling through The Walking Dead

In chapter 3 of Spreadable Media, Jenkins, Ford, and Green discuss “The Value of Media Engagement”.  Fans of TV shows, movie franchises, and comic books aren’t what they used to be; they are much more engaged in what they view through online discussion and media sharing. 467 more words

You might want to re-think your next movie download

Thinking about downloading the new Suicide Squad movie to watch for your weekend in?

You might want to think again.

The big boss of Village Roadshow Graham Burke is ready for a fight, tossing around a new plan to hone down on the so-called “leeches” and “thieves” that visit illegal downloading sites to pirate movies. 216 more words


Settlement ends isoHunt music copyright legal saga

VANCOUVER – Music Canada says a settlement has ended a near decade-old legal fight with a now-defunct search engine, which was once one of the most popular websites for downloading songs and movies. 119 more words


EBook Piracy: Well, At Least Someone is Reading Your Book - Right?

Any indie or self-published author who claims they don’t ‘Google’ themselves has their pants well and truly on fire. I don’t mind admitting I do it myself, to see where in the world my books are available to buy, so when I come across a site offering a FREE download of one of my books, I’m not entirely happy. 547 more words