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Sixteen Years Since Napster

“A virus that ends up eating the host”Phil Collen’s description of illegal downloading – Def Leppard

“I think the term ‘piracy’ is absurd. Piracy is people boarding a ship with violence and killing people and physically stealing material goods. 797 more words


Throwback Thursdays! "Hey Ya!" by Outkast

It is crazy to think that “Hey Ya!” off the juggernaut album  Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by Outkast came out 12 years ago this week! This song has a particular Nostalgic value to me as it was the first song I illegally downloaded before the song had even been released. 93 more words


#Aurous : ce Spotify pirate pourrait devenir le nouveau cauchemar des maisons de disques (01net)

Cette application, qui sera disponible en version alpha le 10 octobre prochain, permettra d’accéder gratuitement à tous les contenus musicaux disponibles sur les réseaux BitTorrent. 47 more words

Marketing Strategies

i drop money down

for the first times since 2007 when i bought type o negative’s ‘dead again,’ i have paid for recorded music.

i was contemplating this a few weeks ago after digging author & punisher’s latest record, melk en honing. 228 more words

The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee

With the advent of modern communications technology, it’s become a significant debate about the value of music and the ethical implications of downloading them freely from pirate websites illegally. 434 more words


i don't want to steal music anymore but $10 is a lot for 8 mp3's

i just found a new artist that i’m pumped on. it’s author and punisher and it’s really slow, heavy, industrial nihilism. riley described it as ‘joyless’ and ‘anti-humanism,’ which i thought was apt as all hell. 275 more words