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i drop money down

for the first times since 2007 when i bought type o negative’s ‘dead again,’ i have paid for recorded music.

i was contemplating this a few weeks ago after digging author & punisher’s latest record, melk en honing. 228 more words

The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee

With the advent of modern communications technology, it’s become a significant debate about the value of music and the ethical implications of downloading them freely from pirate websites illegally. 434 more words


i don't want to steal music anymore but $10 is a lot for 8 mp3's

i just found a new artist that i’m pumped on. it’s author and punisher and it’s really slow, heavy, industrial nihilism. riley described it as ‘joyless’ and ‘anti-humanism,’ which i thought was apt as all hell. 275 more words

Music Vs Money

Gene Simmons has a habit of opening his mouth and having shit spew out.  He’s proven himself an ignorant bell end when it come to issues like mental health… 674 more words


How could the Trans-Pacific Partnership affect Canadians?

Canada and 11 other major countries are nearing the final steps of enacting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement described by Global Trade Watch… 629 more words


Heads Up! You Might Owe Warner Bros. $20

Have you illegally downloaded an episode of Friends recently?  If so, you might be in hot water with Warner Bros.!

From torrentfreak.com, over the past several weeks, Warner Bros. 88 more words