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My beginnings ...

Me ?

I am a product of a man forcing himself on my mother (rape).  This man what never identified by my mother or charged, because of HIM, my mother endured what no woman should ever have to face. 309 more words

Now the Government goes after those with the least

Let’s make a something clear from the start. Illegal immigration is wrong. It’s a crime.

That said, I think today’s announcement that the Government plans to seize the wages of illegal workers… 372 more words


Couple helped illegal immigrant to hide after overstaying his visa

An illegal immigrant was found hiding in a couple’s loft buried under a pile of suitcases two and a half years after he overstayed his visa, a court heard today. 171 more words


1,000 Illegal Immigrants Deported From Indianapolis

When President Obama illegally enacted his immigration executive order he also shutdown a vital program that helped local authorities connect with other law enforcement agencies on illegal immigrants who had been booked in jails. 112 more words


Grand Jury Hearing Evidence In Grapevine Shooting Of Illegal Alien

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GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – The Grand Jury today is hearing evidence in the case of an immigrant shot by a police officer. 234 more words


Barack Obama: Messianic Murder

In ignoring the constitution, Barack Obama has not only violated the law, he has usurped the powers of the Congress, spat on the rule of law, and torn the fabric of the body politic. 860 more words


Illegal Immigrants Getting Social Security Numbers Five Times Higher Than Expected

Back in March TheBlaze.com reported two Senators asked the Social Security Administation how many social security numbers were issued to illegal immigrants under Barack Obama’s 2012 executive amensty plan. 163 more words