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Two (totally impartial?) journalists from Fusion create a bot to correct the use of 'illegal immigrant' in tweets

Careful, Tweeters … you’re being monitored!

Two journalists from the Disney-ABC owned Fusion network — Patrick Hogan and Jorge Rivas — are on the lookout for the no longer, in their words, “socially acceptable” use of the wholly accurate term “illegal immigrant” to define, again in their words, “people living in the United States without proper authorization.” 246 more words


The Journey as an Immigrant: I Dreamed a Different Dream

Introduction About Me and My Family Background

The truth is, I never heard of the sought-after american dream. I only knew about love, helping send your siblings to college and building your own home. 2,079 more words

Illegal alien accused this week of attempted rape, murder, let go earlier this month after traffic stop

Cecil the lion may have nearly 300,000 signatures on a petition calling for justice in his killing, but finding any news whatsoever on the murder of Margaret Kostelnik is a bit harder to do. 652 more words

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JASON RILEY: The Latest Casualty in America’s Immigration War

Wall Street Journal — If San Francisco had been more cooperative with federal authorities, Kate Steinle might still be alive.

To the delight of Democrats and the talk-radio right, Donald Trump moved to the front of the GOP pack by gratuitously insulting Mexico, the ancestral home of 28% of America’s foreign-born population. 63 more words


The Invisible 47 Million People Part II

In my previous post I touched on a couple of my frustrations regarding how the 47 million Latinos living in the United States legally lack representation in both the English and Spanish media. 888 more words


Illegal Immigrant Crime In Texas Since Obama Took Office: 611,234 Unique Crimes, Including 2,993 Homicides and 7,695 Sexual Assaults

PJ Media — The murder of Kathryn Steinle on the Embarcadero in San Francisco by an illegal alien is the most familiar example of a crime committed by an alien. 102 more words


The Invisible 47 Million People Part I

How do 8.8 million people come to define 47 million people? The media.

The 8.8 million Latino illegal immigrants living in the United States have come to not only define but blur the remaining 47 million Latinos thanks to mainstream media. 745 more words