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A harrowing trail to Europe

What makes a man leave a comfortable job, a loving wife and two children to embark on a treacherous journey to Europe as an illegal migrant — packed in a container, aboard a dinghy boat or squeezed in a car trunk? 1,360 more words

Human Rights

February 5. 10:47 PM

Mark Gangaprashad. Please stop reading my blog and begin process for divorce. Also, explain to the nation of Canada why you feel it acceptable to psychologically and sexually abuse me, a free citizen of sound mind, yet still remain unprosecuted within its borders. 26 more words

What's a legal immigrant anyway?

Thinking about immigration and citizenship and access to human rights and thinking about all the people who tell me, “But my ancestors came to the USA legally” as if that makes them better than current immigrants. 556 more words


Email to Metcap Living.

Dear Metcap (the owner of my apartment building),

My issues with Metcap are very serious. I am almost positive that you will need to forward this email to your supervisor, manager or boss. 562 more words

... Bravo , Judge Jeanine , Bravo !! [#sanctuary city][#kate steinle]...

.. wow , what a presentation !! ..

.. tonight ‘ s Opening Statement was a dandy . It was a honour and a privilege to watch it , and do so live .. 118 more words

Personal Opinion

... What is the I.R.S. thinking ?? [#refunds for illegals]...

.. hey , dummies .

.. these people are here , illegally .

.. that makes them ineligible for refunds . That applies now , and to the past , as well … 31 more words

Personal Opinion

... the Tragedy of Kate Steinle [#murder][#illegal immigrant]...

.. what a god – awful tragedy ..

.. Kate is of course the 32 – year – old professional woman who was walking on San Francisco ‘ s waterfront with her father . 96 more words

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