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ABC Making Sitcom About Illegals

With the topic of immigration firmly in the headlines, most recently over President Donald Trump’s decision yesterday to end the DACA program, it has become a very popular subject for TV series projects this season. 24 more words

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Recently the perpetual children who call themselves Democrats tried to make cheap political capital out of a (possibly faked) note that the child of an illegal immigrant addressed to their parents. 473 more words


Almost Half Of Californians Speak Another Language Other Than English

California is so diverse that many people can’t even speak to each other. Think I’m kidding? 166 more words


DACA, Bleeding-Heart Liberalism, and the so-called "humanistic" element.


During a conversation with someone on the subject of DACA the person tried to convince me that there was a “humanistic” element to DACA and that sending DACA recipients back to their country of origin was somewhat, not completely, but somewhat inhumane. 529 more words

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Rohingyas: Not refugees but illegal immigrants .

Coming down heavily by the human rights defenders including the National Human Rights Commision taking on the center for there decision on deportation of the rohingya muslims. 292 more words

Criminal Pelosi Praises Illegals Who Brought Their Families to U.S.

California Democrat Senator Nancy Pelosi praised illegal immigrants who violated federal law to bring their children to the US, saying they did a “great thing.” 73 more words

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Oil Privatization: NAFTA and the Rape and Pillage of Mexico

Crude Harvest: Selling Mexico’s Oil

Al Jazeera (2017)

Crude Harvest is about a controversial law Mexico has enacted that puts its publicly owned oil industry up for sale to foreign corporations. 207 more words