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Remember the Caravan Mexico Said They Stopped? Well, They're Here

By Joseph Curl, 4-20-18, at The Daily Wire:

The story of the marching caravan — 1,500 refugees strong — was all over the news for a week, with the MSM breathlessly covering the plight of the poor refugees who surely deserved free entry into the United States. 521 more words


Bipartisan Colorado Immigrant Driver Bill Advances

DENVER (AP) — Colorado lawmakers have advanced a bill to let unauthorized immigrants renew their driver’s licenses online or by mail, overcoming objections that the licenses sanction illegal immigration. 114 more words


The Dominican diaspora is flourishing (not "disappearing") in America.

Though it would seem that Dominican immigrants are “disappearing” from their home base in Washington Heights (per this Mahattan Times cover story) are they really?  War on Americans takes a closer look. 337 more words


Escape from L.A.

I’m returning this week from a 4 month sojourn in Mexico to the oldest city in the United States, Santa Fe, the capital of the  North American part of the Spanish empire over 400 years ago. 649 more words

Social Change

Jerry Mander - California Polls Edition

Hat tip to “Dr. Mc” for today’s first item and to “Lark Regal ’62” for the video on the hiring of token minorities – don’t miss it! 143 more words

Jerry Mander