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Berkeley, Calif. Epicenter For Sexually Transmitted Diseases

CDC reports that cases of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have reached an all-time high.

CDC reports 1.6 million cases of chlamydia, 470,000 cases of gonorrhea and 28,000 cases of syphilis. 128 more words

Guatemalan woman shot dead by border patrol

While this is a tragedy, it should highlight where the real illegal activity is taking place in this case: Central America- where the elite establishment, rich mafia families, and drug lords ensure that citizens have a life with little hope. 

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Living in the Shadows

If a loved one has been deported or detained and you would like to create a tribute for them on this website, please send a photograph (of the person or of something that represents the person) along with a paragraph describing their character to this email: DinahPeters1951@gmail.com… 33 more words


I guess all of the morally excellent folks figure Faith Goldy deserves it.

This is what people these days seem to be unwilling to grapple with… It isn’t supposed to matter if you agree with Faith Goldy’s opinions or politics. 302 more words

Social Justice Warrior And Political Correctness

California considering tax-payer funded health care for illegal aliens — Fellowship of the Minds

Run with this demorats. It will be sure to help your much anticipated November “Blue Wave!” From San Diego Tribune: Amid escalating tension — and even legal battles — between California and the Trump administration over immigration, an effort is underway to expand health care coverage for unauthorized immigrants illegal aliens in the state.

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Yes, They Are Animals...

I don’t agree with President Trump all that often but when he called members of the MS-13 gang “animals,” I have to say that I couldn’t agree more (if you think he was referring to all immigrants take a look behind the headlines on the left-wing propaganda outlets). 141 more words

Random Thoughts

Desierto (2015)

Desierto (Desert) was directed by Jonás Cuarón and produced by a bunch of other Cuaróns including his father who directed Y Tú Mama También and… 348 more words