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Taxpayers spend millions for illegal immigrants having babies in U.S.

The term is called “Anchor Babies”. Illegal immigrants will cross the U.S. borders to have their babies on American soil. 272 more words


Corrido de los Comentarios Degradantes

Oh, si, senor! You know, the times are so crappy

Down here to the south—in my tattered serape

I doze in the sun, sombrero pulled low, 261 more words

Social Commentary

The 2016 US Presidential Election Part 2 Conclusion

Grand Torino, the 2016 Presidential Elections & the End of this Century

I have tried so many times to write my concluding part of the 2016 US presidential elections but just kept losing interest no matter how many coffees I drank.  2,529 more words

Age Of Aquarius

Immigrant Exchange Program

Syrian Refugees.

Illegal Mexican Immigrants.

H1B1 Visas.

No doubt that the immigration issue is a huge problem. Or at least its one of the prevailing headlines of the year, after years of being put on the sidelines by most politicians who aren’t directly affected by all this. 472 more words

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The Great American Screwjob

Do you hear that knock on your door? Could it be an illegal alien canvasing your neighborhood begging you to vote for Hillary Clinton, the criminal candidate that will fight for the 750,000 illegals under DACA that has already been struck down by the Supreme Court? 263 more words


Irish Govt urged to immediately take in 200 unaccompanied migrant children

The Government will be urged to immediately take in up to 200 unaccompanied migrant children living in the notorious ‘Jungle’ in Calais in a cross-party opposition motion set to be put before the Dáil next week, writes Fiachra Ó Cionnaith of the Irish Examiner. 235 more words

How I know I’m on the side of right

When you argue righteousness with a liberal they cannot dispute that you are right, so they resort to calling you stupid to avoid admitting they’re wrong. 1,884 more words

Election 2016