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A tale of two journeys

A few posts ago I told a short tale of one of my grandfathers shipping off to take part in WWII some 70 plus years ago. 960 more words

The Immigrants of Johannesburg's Fashion District

A 4-part series analysis into Johannesburg’s fashion district, based on immigrants within the manufacturing sector of the industry. This is Part 3: The Immigrants.

*Our mayor, Herman Mashaba, has recently said (on the topic of illegal immigrants): “You see, for me, when I call these criminals criminals, I want them to understand that they are criminals … They are holding our country to ransom and I am going to be the last South African to allow it.” Let me know your thoughts after reading this.  812 more words


Nasty Woman, Speak Up!

Today, I politely but firmly took on a woman on our neighborhood Nextdoor site. She was repeating the Trump/Fox News argument that because a small number of undocumented immigrants have committed violent crimes, then we need to keep them ALL out. 364 more words



If we look back at history, we will find that half of the United States was once Mexicos’. At the time during the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo we find that once the border was built, there were Mexican people in the United states who had no choice but stay in the part of the land that became the United States. 275 more words