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Something To Think Seriously About

When the “Illegal” scum are protesting against your favorite candidate for President you can be absolutely dam-well assured that you have picked the right guy for the job! 51 more words


Italian Police Tightens Border Against Illegal Immigrants

Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, said on Friday that he had empowered the police to fight against illegal immigration in the Mediterranean Sea.

He told journalists that police should fight against the illegal immigrants particularly by taking the fingerprints of all migrants in the high sea before they arrive on Italian soil. 168 more words


Sour Grapes And Donald Trump

I think my first question is going to be, “Why do so many people like to say that Donald Trump is a woman-hater?  I do not think he is a woman-hater. 580 more words


Trump Bringing Out The Truth In People

I have to say that as “The Celebrity Apprentice” wore on (and on, and on, and on), I got less and less interested. How many fundraisers for charity can you televise and still make it interesting? 493 more words


New Report on Sans-Papiers in Switzerland

Just a few days ago, a new report on sans-papiers in Switzerland to which I contributed was published. You can read typical news coverage here… 182 more words

Didier Ruedin

Enraged Mexican-Flag-Waving Mob Riots Outside California Trump Rally

I thought a lot of this kind of crap was settled once and for all at the Alamo!

I mean let us forget that police cars have reportedly been smashed and an unknown number of people injured in this latest violent clash between Trump Supporters and their adversaries ….. 329 more words

Random Political Opinions

Reports Claim Government Released Thousands Of Dangerous Illegal Immigrant Criminals Into American Neighborhoods!

There is no need for any “Racist, Bigoted” hysteria just because your community may now be home to some of the almost Twenty Thousand known criminal illegals Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Administration was reportedly ordered to release with no thought of deporting them in 2015. 585 more words