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We ignored the rule of law – the result was Iraq

Elizabeth Wilmshurst

By acting in defiance of the UN charter, as I warned when I was a Foreign Office lawyer in 2003, we put our reputation at risk. 819 more words


Ken O’Keefe: 2016 State of the planet and World Citizen Solutions: powerful 2-hour public talk or 90 seconds!

I attended former US Marine Ken O’Keefe’s outstanding 2-hour public talk in Berkeley on March 20. He discusses illegal wars of the US/UK/Israel in the Middle East, and a solution the public can take as World Citizens. 734 more words

World At War

Sweden shows us how not to handle migration

Welcoming more migrants – in particular children – that you can’t look after leads to tragedy.

Source: Sweden shows us how not to handle migration


Making war does not increase national security - crimes against peace

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,313

Tuesday 12 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

A nuclear deterrent and arms proliferation do not increase national security, they increase national insecurity. 444 more words

Keith Lindsay-Cameron

The Rule of Law Does Not Exist

The rule of law is an inconvenient concept for rulers. King Charles II thought that he was above the law, as did King Henry VIII. Dictators often pay lip service to the rule of law, and act as if they were to law. 234 more words

Climate Change