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A Woman Had a Child from an Affair, She’d Secretly Carved a Stamp to Register Her Own Illegitimate Child without Her Husband’s Knowledge

How far a woman goes, in making HER illegit legit! From the Newspapers, translated…

A woman, Liao fourteen years ago, was married to a man from China, Lin, but, in no more than six months after the man moved here, he’d suspected that his wife was seeing another man, he got angry and left his home; many years later, Liao had a new boyfriend, and had a baby boy, in order to register the child, she’d secretly, carved a seal on behalf of Lin, and, stamped his seal as the father for the birth certificate of her son, was charged with forgery, a while ago, the D.A.’s office ended the investigations, and, gave her a delayed sentence. 383 more words

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The bookish artist

THIS MAN is an artist who’s been roaming our mountaintop streets for years. I do not know his name. At times he totes his work with him, out and about, and it can be quite large. 240 more words


6 Truths Revealed by NO NAME

For my next reading, I cycled back to the classics and found myself another Wilkie Collins novel, No Name. This is the longest one of Collins that I’ve read so far with 786 pdf pages worth of reading, excluding the Preface. 2,854 more words

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What is a travel clearance for minors?

A travel clearance is a document issued by the DSWD to a Filipino child (below 18 years of age) traveling abroad alone or with someone other than his/her parents. 1,170 more words

Child Custody

What is the reason behind the visitorial right of an illegitimate father over his children?

In Silva v. Court of Appeals, the Court sustained the visitorial right of an illegitimate father over his children in view of the constitutionally protected… 65 more words

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Can the Father Compel An Illegitimate Child To Use His Surname?

Republic Act 9255 allowing illegitimate children to use their father’s surnames opened the door to illegitimate mothers and fathers eager to let their children bear the father’s surname just like legitimate children. 146 more words

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