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At work the other day a coworker pronounced Illinois with the ‘s’ at the end. Like this: Il-i-noise. That is incorrect. The ‘s’ is silent. Like this: Il-i-noy. 73 more words


I Don't Really Like Illinois: A Valentine

I’ve lived in Chicago for the last 12 years and Illinois for 13.  The first two years of my residency were spent primarily driving back and forth between either Wood Dale, IL or the O’Hare neighborhood in Chicago and Dekalb, IL.   945 more words

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Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

In 1985, the Oscar for best picture went to a film called Amedeus, a fictionalized story about the life of Mozart.  There is a scene in the movie in which the Emperor tells Mozart that his music has “too many notes.”  The scene is played for laughs as the Emperor shows himself to be ignorant of music specifically and a buffoon in general. 1,095 more words