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Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Pass The Time When Living With Chronic Fatigue or Pain

Whether it’s a short illness like a virus or the four, or it’s a flare up of a chronic illness, low energy and pain can make the days and evenings feel long. 645 more words


Thanksgiving in Eating Disorder Recovery

The tables full of food, the endless deserts, the fellowship with friends & family, the plans that all revolve around that one big meal on Thanksgiving day – it’s typically a very joyous occasion. 1,849 more words


Why I don't use the word therapy.

A therapy is a treatment for an illness and the people I work with are not ill. Like many of us, they are aware that they feel limited in the way they are participating in life and they want to feel freer to engage and create their own story. 54 more words


When the body speaks

Have you thought if there is something deeper in an ailment or illness? If a headache is signifying something more than that our body is aching? 485 more words

Psychotherapy Issues

CDC Romaine Lettuce Warning Revealed as Ploy to Keep Vegan Socialist Granddaughter from Family Thanksgiving

Atlanta GA (SN) – Less than 24 hours after the Center of Disease Control and Prevention announced a multi-state outbreak of E. coli producing romaine lettuce, scientists have discovered that the only real sickness was some politically induced family drama. 249 more words


CDC escalates response to polio-like illness AFM

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has escalated its response to the polio-like illness that’s struck children in 29 states, increasing the number of disease detectives in its Atlanta headquarters from two to 16, according to a CDC official close to the investigation. 454 more words


To vent into the void

So I begin my foray into the blogging world!

I suppose my first post calls for some sort of introduction to me but I’ll keep it brief. 220 more words