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It Was A Migraine (not that it was any fun)

It turns out my symptoms were likely due to a migraine. They went away pretty abruptly and we were able to cancel my covid-19 testing. It was quite a wild and terrible ride, though. 109 more words


Good news, bad news

Hey, folks. I’m really bummed today. I have some good news and some bad news. I’ll start with the bad news, so I can end on the good news. 427 more words

Toritto: Frank Scarengello

For anyone who follows Frank’s blog, https://toritto.wordpress.com/ I have some news.

Frank has suffered a ruptured spleen, and is in intensive care in hospital in Florida. 37 more words


What Is Radiotherapy For A Brain Tumour Like?

I am currently undergoing Radiotherapy, as part of my on-going treatment, which will be followed by Chemotherapy (*esasperated* yay!).

This post explores some of the experiences that I have had thus far and I think would be really useful to post for others who are looking for more information on Radiotherapy. 855 more words


TELEVISION: Grace and Frankie, 'The Confessions' (dir. Betty Thomas)

Everything about Grace and Frankie feels like it shouldn’t work. It trades in broad comic tropes and implausible actions; its four leads, for all of their charm, struggle at times with the zippy dialogue; and the whole thing takes place at a deliberately measured pace that is in absolutely no rush to get anywhere. 1,076 more words


Flash Movie Review: Phantom Boy

IT LOOKED LIKE AN ANT COLONY in human form to me. There was so much activity taking place around me, I did not know where to look first. 605 more words


Florida’s single-day number climbs back above 10,000

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 4, 2020—Florida’s single-day virus total climbed back up to more than 10,000 new cases today after a two-day trend of lower numbers. 236 more words