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When religion descends into dangerous nonsense

If you are searching for “evil”, you’ve arrived.

My neighbour annoyed me profusely so, I did the Christian thing, and beat his four-year-old grandson to death. 1,563 more words

The Sick Kit: Days 20 & 21, #The100DayProject2019

Some sort of stomach bug precluded me from doing a drawing yesterday, but it did afford me the chance to reflect on illnesses past.

I was sick a… 214 more words



That’s what I get for leaving the house—the flu.

States Of Being


i know i am still held back by the trastorno,

unlikely to perceive anything

as it truly exists;

i know because simple words

leap out… 33 more words



Some words fall out of my mouth like broken teeth that I can’t do anything with other than spit out. It doesn’t make sense and it’s messy and you want to look away from it. 182 more words


Three Months

This time three months ago, I was lying in a drugged state in a hospital bed, sore and unable to move, with my body fundamentally changed in the way it worked. 442 more words



And it’s sweet
and slow,
the fire which
is in this
moment consuming
my body, and every
last faculty of reason.

Body be
the better part of me, 37 more words