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Bosses and the blues

A good few years ago now, I worked at a small design agency. Despite essentially being a junior role to begin with, I had to go through several interviews and a presentation to get the job, so I was thrilled when I got it. 399 more words


Facing Illness With Grace

How To Be Sick Well

I’m a bit unwell, and writing what I need to hear today.

Awhile ago I had a (congested) laugh when I was coming down with a cold and googled ways to think about minor illness. 822 more words

Self, An Answer, and Jōb


I want to address a comment given to me about my opinions of Jōb.  The comment was, (not a quote), “ 795 more words


Best Practices for A Sick Holiday: Ask The Lady

This week I got a great question, “What should you do when you get sick on holiday?” There are a few things I would recommend as a traveler to do if you find yourself sick when you’re on holiday.

409 more words

Self Portrait - 'Honesty'

I shot this a few years back and just came across it again looking for another photo so I thought I’d share it.


The Latest Weird Thing About a Stiff Neck

Last year, I wrote about how my neck gets stiff when I am anxious and about how I get anxious when my neck gets stiff so it’s hard to parse which came first. 1,112 more words


Divination Methods From A-Z: Lithomancy

Lithomancy is an early version of the tarot.

Sixteen gemstones are tossed into a circle divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant represents the astrological signs. 87 more words