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The Candle That Puts All Other Candles To Shame (Sorry Other Candles)

No home is a home without a candle on every tabletop. It’s just science. These Illume candles seem to be the product of a well thought-out brainstorm session that went something like this: “What if the candle smelled great, looked great, but was also INSPIRATIONAL?” Thus the Dream Big Votive candle was born. 15 more words


Target Sleep Haven Candle Review

Ohh man, I’m addicted to candles. I’m pretty much always burning one when I’m home. And one of my favorite candle companies is Illume — they have such luxurious soy candles that burn beautifully. 153 more words


Home scents

Since coming to British shores in 2009, Anthropologie has slowly been increasing it’s influence over households across the country. Their bohemian, whimsical and charming designs cover almost everything, from homeware through to women’s clothing and footwear. 70 more words


Valentines Lovelies!

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and we just LOVE it! While some have romantic plans of elegant dinners and quiet evenings alone, some of us are simply planning to snuggle up with our loved ones and enjoy the Saturday at home with the kids. 342 more words

the north

I will be the first to admit I NEVER would have guessed that Minnesotans would be “trendy” and I say that as a MN native! But today’s… 177 more words


In My Bag: NYFW

Photo by Mark Iantoska for Refinery 29

So friends, cat’s out’a the bag… this will be my first trip to NYFW. Not only will this be my first ( 442 more words


Marcia Moran Illume Titanium Heart Pendant Necklace 18k GoldPlated

If you feature a sesquipedalian formed surface, you can prefer a runty or duplicate rows of pearl necklace to urinate a carry. For ladies who have a cumuliform encounter and a close neck, they can take the princess name or Martini communication necklaces to ameliorate its visual degree. 258 more words