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Illuminati Corporate Logos (Freeman)

This video is by Freeman Fly, who presents interesting information about the occult (secret) history of corporate logos.  In NO way does this posting endorse the practice of  dark occult (secret) practices!  105 more words


Hollywood is a Place Where.... (Marilyn Monroe)

“Hollywood is a place where

they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss

and fifty cents for your soul.”

~ Marilyn Monroe

Illuminati / Secret Societies

Invisibly Visible - Identifying Masonic Symbols

This is a 25-minute description of Masonic history and symbolism, which is interesting and easy to understand.  It also includes down-to-earth interviews with local religious leaders representing Islam, Christian Catholicism and Judaism. 195 more words


Everything That We See Is a Shadow (MLK)

“Everything that we see is a shadow

cast by that which we do not see.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Illuminati / Secret Societies

MTV Located in a Masonic Temple

This video is an interesting one about an MTV location at a former Masonic Temple in Toronto, Canada.  I recommend this video — but only to 6:10.