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My Top 5 Board Games That Feature Asshat Backstabbery

Asshat Backstabbery. Two words that are universally understood despite the fact that they do not exist in any legitimate dictionary, anywhere. I’m listing five board games that feature deception and cutthroat strategy as a key way of getting a leg up (or a knee on the throat) of your opponents. 1,122 more words


The world's Mega-banks

There are two Megabanks that offer loans to all the countries around the planet, the World Bank and the IMF. The first one is jointly owned by the world’s top banking families, with the Rothschilds at the very top, while the second one is privately owned by the Rothschilds alone. 159 more words

Bi-Annual Human Sacrifice by Illuminati Council of 13 - Denver, CO

Pizzagate is not limited to Democrats or the DNC. It moves way into the recesses of the elite power structures of the whole world and has gone on way before it happened to get leaked by controlled opposition MK Ultra mind-controlled slave, Jason Assange. 288 more words

Satanic Ritual Abuse

#SRF Tagesschau am Mittag 02.12.16 | #Cholera #Haiti von #UNO eingeschleppt | Video

Die UNO geben die Morde an > 9’300 Menschen zu.
Geständnis: ” Wir haben zu wenig gemacht !!!”
Was nun ? Wer muss dafür gerade stehen ?
Reicht eine einfache Entschuldigung aus ?

Korruption, Corruption

Why Kids Believe Conspiracy Theories

Picture this: a lesson with a bottom set year 8 class. I’m teaching Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and we’re exploring the idea of inherent good or evil. 1,057 more words