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In looking at Steve Quayle’s website today, news headlines links, I went to one which resonated, upon reading, deeply with me. I heartily recommend you read it for youself at… 120 more words

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How To Become A Member Of Illuminati Online Games

How to become a member of illuminati online games

How to join the Illuminati society searches How to become a member of the Illuminati and Why you should not be video games, music videos, government Official website for followers of the Illuminati and Illuminatiam: The First Testament. 541 more words

The Perfectibilist and their Philosophy of Illumination

Intellectual and Spiritual Pursuit both considered in Theosophy. American and European Esotericists could never give up Sex Magic, and Sex Magic remains normal element in Western Esoteric Tradition, as in the 20th century Neo-Pagan and Sexual Liberation movements. 491 more words


Conservatism Coopted by Freemasonry in UK

May 22, 2017

Freemasonry is the reason conservatives are impotent and the white race is going 

down the toilet. It is the reason

why you always hear about… 1,428 more words


“One Orb to Rule Them All”: Trump channels Antichrist in Riyadh

Kevin Barrett — Veterans Today May 22, 2017

In a scene that would have been funny had its implications not been so dire, Donald Trump, Saudi King Salman, and Egyptian dictator al-Sisi – three of the four most demonic rulers on Earth – all grasped a glowing orb and swore eternal allegiance to Satan yesterday. 680 more words


Ariana Grande/Manchester Terror Attack: Some Important Notes/Observations...

Before the usual calls to either (a) give away all our remaining privacy and liberties for the sake of security, or (b) round up all those awful brown people and send them to a camp (an actual suggestion that was being made on social media again by multiple users), there’s a couple of things worth considering about yesterday, terrorism and even Ariana Grande herself. 2,399 more words
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Illuminati: John F Kennedy

On the 29th May 1917, John F Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, to parents Joseph and Rose Kennedy.

In August of 1943, as commander of Patrol Torpedo boat (PT-109), was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal for his act of heroism.  731 more words