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The 'Big Event' in America: JADE HELM 15 - This is something MUCH BIGGER than just 'exercises'

Martial Law training exercises across the country this past week as the REAl ID will become mandatory next year.

The big event prophecy has now begun. 53 more words


"Stalingrad"... Nobody's Learned A Thing!

Final clip from the movie…

What is of interest is in the comments:

” I was lead to believe that they were all bad like the Nazi’s, but after actually educating myself and seeing this film for the first time, i can honestly see now, that the majority of the Wehrmacht were just ordinary soldiers who fought for their country and suffered deaths out in the cold Russian wilderness like this, all because of a fucking evil lunatic called Hitler.” 781 more words

CRITICAL ALERT! Massive Wealth Theft From The Middle Class NOW

By Gregory Mannarino


Literally for years I have been screaming from rooftops that the Federal Reserve is directly involved in a scheme of legal theft on a scale hard to imagine. 278 more words


Rabbit Hole Theater: Kaballah Hollywood--Yale

Rabbit Hole Theater: March 30, 2015, Kaballah Hollywood and Yale

Many secret societies are interwoven together. The key is said by some to extend back to the erection of a “Mysterious Force” by King Herod in 46 AD in order to counter Christianity. 241 more words