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An exorcist warns the public against an extraordinary rosary that was allegedly consecrated by Satanists that may bring harm to someone who uses it, an article published by Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) revealed. 126 more words


More Sound Keys...come on Shift Into The Light!!!!!

Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

Well, it’s been over a month since my last post. I had hoped, prayed, intended, desired, thought for sure we’d of received the Shift into the Light by now…but not yet :( 854 more words


Only Time Will Tell: A Vatican Conspiracy

What happens in the archives stays in the archives.  Nothing more true can be said of the Archives in the Vatican.  Built long before their official establishment in 1475, the Vatican Archives are shrouded in mystery.  1,589 more words


Subversion of Motherhood

Women are the focus of the banker’s crusade to degrade and enslave humanity. Young women today – promiscuous, lesbian, entitled, social justice warriors — are simply not up to the challenge of matrimony and motherhood. 466 more words


The World Order – How It Works


Kevin Barrett

July 24, 2017

Here is another thought-provoking article from Pakistani physics professor and author Dr. Mujahid Kamran. If you would like to help cutting-edge Muslim intellectuals like Dr. 5,666 more words


Illuminati Attack Society's Linchpin - Motherhood

October 22, 2017

(Feminists brainwash womyn to enact the Illuminati agenda. Masonic Jewish (Communist) central bankers 

are responsible for war, not men in general.) 

Mothers are the backbone of Society. 572 more words


The Use of The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory - By Who, When, and What It Distracted From

{Featured image is Robert Anton Wilson}

At the end of my Reading Library article about the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory, I said I was going to take up separately the ways it has been used since when it was first created, when it was used purely to try and trash Thomas Jefferson and undermine his Presidential run (which failed, by the way, he became President). 12,761 more words