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The McMassacre in Munich

On 7/22 in Munich, a teenager named Ali David Sonboly shot up a McDonalds restaurant at the Olympia shopping mall, 36 casualties. It happened 32 years 4 days… 332 more words


I feel nauseated at the british press. After being the most puritan country till yesterday, now they pretend to feel "shocked" if someone tells them they're against transgernderism and gay adoptions.

I don’t know till which point I can go on writing on this website, and not because the Illuminati threaten me, they don’t do anything against me if they even care, but to write about actuality I have to read the press and it’s starting getting difficult: I feel nauseated. 253 more words


Ex-Vikings Coach Dennis Green: Super Bowl Sacrifice

*update: Green’s death has been officially memory-scrubbed from 22/7 as originally reported to 21/7, matching his 2/17 birthday.*

Coach Green’s death made the news on 7/22 ~ the very day of the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Viking’s new… 505 more words


Three Labourers

​Story you may have heard:
I asked to labourer, he was looking tired and sweating, ‘what are you doing?’

Labour says, ‘I’m breaking stone’

Then I asked to another labourer also sweating and looking tired, ‘what are you doing?’ 279 more words


Welcome home, Impromtdude.

I broke down, I called out. He answered the call. Now, with hands held high, I shall say; it is complete.

No action is required. 57 more words

Θεωρίες συνωμοσίας από την Express: Τερέζα Μέι, Μέρκελ και Γιούνγκερ είναι στους Illuminati


Η Τερέζα Μέι κρατά εδώ και περίπου δύο εβδομάδες τα πρωθυπουργικά ηνία της Βρετανίας, γεγονός που την καθιστά πρωταγωνίστρια στα ΜΜΕ της χώρας.


Who's smarter, people or Pokemon??

Here’s another video by YouTuber Thecontroversy7. The clips he shows in the beginning had me laughing at the utter gullibility and brainlessness of people who are chasing Pokemon. 89 more words

Jesus Christ Is The Only Way To Heaven!