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"Joe My God" Blog is Another #Pizzagate #Illuminati Player LOOK CLOSELY AT COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG, EVERY POST!

So in starting to look at decoding this message, which is linked within this post of You Tube comments decoded, we did what this first post said and looked at “the beginning” as instructed: “He honored God on his inouguration day… 1,344 more words

VERY IMPORTANT: "Texas Shrugged" on You Tube is THE #Pizzagate #Illuminati Leader (we can't decode right now)

We are alright and have forwarded the links to Texas Shrugged to @FBI via Twitter. In case they don’t get it, feel free to forward it to them again by any other means. 224 more words

Connections Between Trump, his Illuminati, and the Main Stream Media He "Hates" (also Pizzagate)

Please look at all of this post as it attempts to pull together several different threads for you to give you a more complete idea of (1) who Donald Trump is, (2) his relationship to Ivanka, who is a “human persona” of Illuminati Queen “Bee,” (3) who wife Melania is,  (4) how the Illuminati and Traveler leaders communicate surreptitiously via “the Tether,” and (5) how the main stream media Trump pretends to attack actually serves to shield Trump’s identity as the secret co-leader with wife “Bee,” of the Illuminati, Travelers and Scientology. 1,361 more words

Hot Ones

Stayed up all night until 5pm after the sour patch kid. Had a few revelations, mainly the characters for my Character 101 show. I’m actually proud of these sketches and I haven’t felt proud of a sketch in a long time. 345 more words


Lizardry, this time at Sandy Hook. Look at THE PUPILS. (#Greys #Illuminati)

Newtown mother’s eyes GO LIZARD in the video below at 3:14. Look closely starting at 3:03 and you’ll see them morphing back and forth from circular to elongated.   1,098 more words

Art Over Ego (Gospel Music)

Many times, I have seen this and it’s becoming unbearable for me. In trying to bring out gospel songs that inspire, we tend to promote our art over the ego, that is, the will to worship God our Creator. 553 more words