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Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT Chaos Mounts, War Drums Beat Louder, Turkey Invades Syria and Darkness Comes http://tobtr.com/10534547 Unless one is totally comatose and drowning in Denial Tea, one can see that the world is slowly descending into chaos, exactly as the Masonic Motto says – “Order Out of Chaos”.

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Pythagoras in the so called "Voynich Manuscript"

Hi all.

I just stumbled upon something astounding. So astounding that it makes me think, this cannot be happend “by chance”.

The VMS is said to be undeciphered to this day. 270 more words


Sterilisation process continued.

Regarding the happening in the us of a, called the “house of horrors”. Being Illuminatus there will be no questions about my thinking about religious, backward, morons of their shit god.  167 more words