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Illumination Is Near

The Holy Spirit ordered me to inform you that the Warning and the Illumination of Conscience are near. You may read either a short or a long version of events. 32 more words



Illumination happens when the word of God enters you and you enters into the word. Deu.28:1-3. What you have is mere information when the word enter you alone. 236 more words


Medieval Cats

Cats are jerks. Whether you are a cat person or not, this fact is indisputable. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped them, the Ancient Romans considered them a symbol of liberty and respected them, and by the Middle Ages cats were demonized by some and still domesticated by others. 185 more words

Call for Papers: Mary of Guelders - Her Life and Prayer Book (ca. 1400) - Nijmegen, 23-24/11/2018 (Deadline 30/03/2018)

Mary of Guelders’ richly illuminated prayer book, written by Helmich die Lewe and completed in 1415, is extraordinary for several reasons: it originally consisted of more than 600 folia, it is richly illuminated, it was written in the Lower Rhine vernacular, and it contains an unusual compilation of prayers, hours and components of a breviary. 685 more words

Call For Papers

Review: Tomb Raider

Story Summary:

London bike courier Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) goes on a journey find out what happened to her father (Dominic West) who disappeared seven years previously.  1,066 more words


Seekers Wanted

Explorers of inner dimensions
Endless horizons
Ride the four winds
Mystical Power, Compassion, Wisdom, Transcendence
Seeking the nature of being
Manifesting a vision of sublime existence


The Extra D

On Monday I am going to a screening of Steven Spielberg’s new film ‘Ready Player One’. Every Spielberg film is something to look forward to but there is something about this particular screening that is bothering me. 322 more words