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The Sevenfold Spirit of God: Seven Truths About the Doctrine of Illumination

In the book of Revelation John speaks of the “seven spirits of God” (1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6). While enigmatic, the symbolic use of the number seven in Revelation gives credible explanation: The seven spirits are God is a reference to the Holy Spirit, who is the perfect and complete Spirit of God. 2,845 more words


Transmutation of the Ego

A spiritual death, we could say, or was it?

The battle of light and dark: who won it?

The resurrection of the conscious soul.

Once broken into pieces; the person now whole. 167 more words

Freedom Of Expression

Weekly Photo Challenge "Jubilant"

Ferris Wheel 1 is a night photograph of the illuminated Ferris Wheel, while in motion at St. Anthony’s Carnival in Wilmington, Delaware.

Title: Ferris Wheel 1… 22 more words

Uniform Illumination with Arbitrary Illumination Source

In lighting and illumination design, the shape of the light source is often thought to be a point. With real light sources, this is almost always not the case. 469 more words


The Process of Revelation and the Reliability of Scripture

How did we get the Bible? Were certain books left out and why? Can I trust it? The answers to these questions are addressed in the lecture below by Pastor Casey. 154 more words


The Doctrine of Illumination part 3

(we continue from our last post which was back in April 4th. Before reading this please read part 1,2 to get an understanding of what is being written. 1,228 more words


Thomas Watson: 24 Helps to Read Scripture.9

IX. Come to the reading of Scripture with humble hearts; acknowledge how unworthy you are that God should reveal himself in his word to you. … 669 more words