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What do you do when everything fails to make you happy? Why does it become imperative to find joy in everything? Why do we seek fulfillment in all that we do? 156 more words



“Love is blind” is self-denial–

Fear and obsession wrapped in the

Candy-coated illusion of enamor.


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein

illusionary break

show me where you think you’re broken..
that’s where i’ll love you first,
and gently re*mind you,
you’re wrong.

-Cassandra Berends


Once filled with answers,  now questions  scream and ache, tantalize my mind. I need  my addiction, without  pain my mind would no longer vibrate like sparkling bait sinking  into wrongfully dark waters of spiritual killers. 48 more words

Short Prose