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Love's Sweet Revenge (Part 2).

(Translated from original Hindi/Urdu : ‘Inteqam Ishq Ka’)

…But the gun wouldn’t fire. There was only one bullet in it. Enraged, Raghu beat Sameer a lot. 471 more words



As I was thinking about something to write about, I thought about events that defined my last week & decided to jot down a few thoughts regarding ‘the idea of control’. 834 more words


"Confessions, Part II"

At last I see that I may breathe,
The air which well adores you.
At last, my months of hopeless longing,
Have ended in the seemingly proper destination. 98 more words


Be here now

The days to do things right, fade.

They pass by quickly, so quickly that you forget.

Monday fades into Tuesday, then Friday, and now Sunday. 11 more words


The Spiritual Foundry

Carbon is folded into metal during the forging process to strengthen it. The more times the metal of a sword is folded, the stronger the sword has the potential to become. 266 more words


Conscious Energy

A soul is conscious energy. Conscious energy is the tool which forms reality about us. Therefore, the values and beliefs we hold, and the choices we make, determine the set of outcomes we all experience. 1,173 more words


A dream within a dream

All that we see or seem
is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
of a surf-tormented shore.
And I hold within my hand… 61 more words