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Mirror Mirror

She stared into the mirror,

Not satisfied with what she sees,

But as I stare at her,

Skin and bones is all I could see. 47 more words


Charles Dickens

“From the dimly lighted passages of the court, the last sediment of the human stew that had been boiling there all day, was straining off…”

~A Tale of Two Cities


The last wish. 

The lugubrious songs of lost love tore the hearts apart,

The dragonflies in the meadow buzzed by, flapping their wings made of crystals.

The leaden skies was an enigma which rose up like a phoenix from the ashes; … 149 more words

I'm Finally Moving On From The Illusion Of You

You have to know that these few weeks have not been easy for me to get through. There was a piece of you in the very oxygen I breathed and I’ve been suffocating since you left. 819 more words

JR - Installation @ The Louvre

Infamous street artist JR has recently completed the dream of every artist in the world – his work is at The Louvre. Invited by the iconic museum, the French native worked tirelessly with a solid team of people who helped in covering the front of the famous pyramid with a wheat paste giving the glass structure the illusion of disappearing.


a thought a day • 20

i think maybe my subconscious insisted i take a communications program because it wants me to see my life in a perspective that i probably wouldn’t even consider 191 more words