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Blow the whistle on ILLUMINATI ???

I for one appreciate the honesty and the risk some are taking in order to assist us in WAKING UP.

Rothschild Illuminati New World Order




We each swim through time
Spewing words like light and dark
But what do we build?
Illusions and delusions
Glad to have encountered you

Wee Poems

See, I’m not bald

A man was going bald and told his friends he was going to get a rabbit tattooed on his head as it was a lot cheaper than an implant or a toupée. 27 more words


Bhagavad Gita, Volume One, chapters 1-6, is now available for download.

A state of being is just a state. It is not really you—it is not Who you are, and it is not What you are. 809 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings