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Oy, Politics

Politics!  Yuck!  Aren’t we feeling it?
I’ve never seen such a disappointing circus.
My hand felt almost numb as I marked my mail-in ballot.
Despite the situation, I hope we all vote. 257 more words

Self Healing

The Great Physical Gold Supply And Demand Illusion

Source: Gold Seek, by Koos Jansen

Gold supply and demand data published by all primary consultancy firms is incomplete and misleading. The data falsely presents gold to be more of a commodity than a currency, having caused deep misconceptions with respect to the metal’s trading characteristics and price formation. 480 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Escaping the Illusion & other obscure elements of Spirituality

To begin, let us consider whether this physical plane is real,or whether it is an illusion?

Let us take note of  a primary characteristic of the illusion, and that is change?   642 more words

Spiritual Bits Of Truth

Prayer Creates Inner Beauty If Done Properly

That the clothes make the man is not true. The clothes create the illusion not the reality. Where a persons thoughts are daily directed make the person. 28 more words



This is a love poem, of a sort, but to an idealised dream of a person. The person you could never quite meet, or maybe not even entirely visualise, but is always there in dreams, slightly too far away. 341 more words


Assignment #6 - Creating Forced Perspective

Assignment due October 27.

Forced perspective is a photographic optical illusion that takes advantage of depth perception and camera placement to make two or more objects look different than they would in reality. 236 more words


I was thinking of grabbing the eraser,

smearing around the words on this paper

and throwing away all the hard work that I’d slaved over, 84 more words