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Decapitation of Dreams

What are dreams but segments of our over active imagination weaved in to a tiny web of deceit making us believe in an illusion that has very small chance of ever coming true… so yeah… in shorter words “life is unfair”, but giving up hope is as good as you digging the ground for water and inches away from the source you put down your spade. 191 more words

Blind hearted

The seers, non-believers
Cannot understand what they cannot see
Yet when they see, they do not believe
What is it that deceives? Is it a thief of belief?



Houses of mirrors

No beginning, no end
In the journey of a circle
Glimpses of moments frozen
Snapshot of the time

Faces dragged along
Between unborn seconds
Fading, mutating life… 78 more words


The Illusion of Time

Time is an illusion, a social construct if you will.

People assume it is a strict progression of cause to effect,

When actually, from a nonlinear point of view, it is more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly string. 318 more words


Laughing and Crying

If I laugh when
nothing is going on,
it is because the
very act of being
alive strikes me as
funny. If I cry without… 45 more words