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There's a line out there. A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Horizon 

There’s a line out there

Where two things meet

In the distance and the future

We search to complete

That untouchable thing… 69 more words


Do Not Assume

Things are not always what they seem…

Do not assume that you know the whole story; the truth has many sides.

Do not assume that a smiling person is a happy one; smiles often hide deep pain. 154 more words



“I will wait for you” she’s she’d said that so many times and they always said they’d be back. This one time she choose to do it again, believe, and so she said ” I’ll wait”. 100 more words


A Modern Viewpoint

Clutter—Let me free associate for a moment:

  • Stuff not being used, but someday I’ll need it;
  • Things once considered valuable because my parents treasured them;
  • 843 more words

I have become a bum with a wine problem.

Major accomplishment today:  I made the bed.

And I gazed out at the snow.

What a bum I have become.

When Mother Nature blankets the yard and trees with the snow, I am finally learning to kick back and enjoy the scene. 140 more words



your words reach me
my sadness
turns into tireness
and also into
confusionary shyness.

my power seeps
into the underground
of all those instances of mine… 59 more words