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#theDress - blue and black or white and gold? Sussex Director of the Centre for Cognitive Science explains...

#theDress. The photo that has caused controversy, confusion and even fear across the globe over the past week, sparking heated debate across social media. So – do you see a white and gold dress or a black and blue dress? 336 more words

University Of Sussex

The Existence of Individuals- Part 3:

Reality VS Illusion

To live an illusion is sometimes a way of escaping the harsh reality of life. Is it foolish to do so? Who are we to say yes or no?! 154 more words



I looked into you and I saw myself, and in my ego, I loved you, because only through you could I love myself. Now, you are gone and I no longer love myself as I did, because this glass heart shattered in the knowing that I could never be complete through you, in the… 281 more words


01.01. Good And Evil

I’ve managed to find a general definition, I hope, about good and evil. In short it would be:

- Everything that helps reducing / disappearing the illusions of Separation, Need and Forgetfulness is good; 86 more words


Nine feet is the ceiling for life

Visions of Earth room. It smells of dampness and life. It is wild and growing. A fat cat hides beneath the heavy leaves of a corn stalk. 148 more words


We are the Frog:

One day evil people told the Frog the story of Chicken Little.   “The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!    Evil Corporations are raining down on  us and will soon take away your freedom to communicate!  262 more words

Modern Issues

Beyond the light of truth and illusions

The expectations of love and the realities of love can be two very different things

Waking up from infatuation can be a disappointment. The oxytocin and endorphins have taken timeout and your body needs to cool down or you will get emotionally burned out. 1,473 more words