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The Insurance Scam

As the corporate dominated congress struggles to perpetrate the greatest insurance scam ever upon the American people, it might help to put the concept of insurance itself in perspective. 996 more words


Illusions Unlimited

We cannot deny that our life revolves around illusions. We laugh, smile, cry or feel happy or sad on how we live. We want to control not only our lives but also the lives of people we live with. 566 more words



I put up walls to hide who I really was.
I tried to create the persona I thought
you wanted me to be, but those… 115 more words


Life's Illusions

Jake was under the impression that there were certain givens in life. Aside from the givens of birth, death, and taxes, that is. Givens like hard work will be rewarded, love conquers all, time heals all wounds, and a whole host of other trite platitudes that Jake accepted as life’s givens. 260 more words


That's the gist of it

Dalai Lama said, Mind is capable of wisdom.

His suggested mantra is: I am empty, emptiness is me.



My grandmother is timeless. While others aged as i grew…she was old from the time i knew her.It was like she was born old and stayed that way till her end. 553 more words



Everything is a mentally projected delusion
completely fabricated by our great confusion
our fantasies become a real intrusion
always produced, a mere illusion

Our relationships and life… 101 more words

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