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Red Lipstick

She wears a large hat

And red lipstick, her usual trappings:

A shadow of the femmes fatales

She saw in the cinema.


She smokes gold-rimmed cigarettes… 212 more words


It is ten o’clock
and those with jobs tomorrow
are going to bed in lilac,
marigold, shamrock pajamas
hoping dreams will not bring
periwinkles, baboons wearing… 102 more words


The Reality of Everything Is Totally Harmless

“Wrong perception is the wish that things be as they are not. The reality of everything is totally harmless, because total harmlessness is the condition of its reality. 319 more words


illusions: One of the best so far !!

Signing off for the week-end (have a nice one) with today’s best illusion (with our thanks to Prof. A. Kitaoka, Kioto, Japan)

Click to open full picture for proper effect but please, don’t stare at it for too long !

Smoky Question

A smoky question mark appears on the hill
a white fluffy, benign shape asking
eyes stare at it, mind as blank as the smoke
Nothing formulates… 101 more words


Distant Stars

Descartes here, John’s busy, that’s him in the background there in the photograph. I thought I’d fill you in on what we’re doing. We’re at the black box theatre at the Averitt Center in Statesboro, Georgia. 616 more words