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Mes premières impressions à Münster

Hey !

Je vous avait dit samedi que j’allais partir deux semaines à Münster et même si je vous avais promis que je vous livrerai mes premières impressions lundi, j’ai eu besoin de plus de temps pour vous partager ce que je ressentais. 804 more words

Tick Tock

Time is no straight line,

it is a serpent

crossing the room sideways

like a glance.

It burns rubber


around every corner

tossing irony, 97 more words


Waiting for a Reply

Your question may not inspire a reply

Not an immediate one

It takes time to think beyond o’clock

And the shadowy philosophy

Morning, noon, and night… 46 more words


Ignorance is bliss and the plague of social media

Ok let's get this straight. You and your man split, for whatever reason. You unfollow him on Facebook (because that's all he actually uses), but still remain friends. 195 more words

Fatherhood at Fifty - The Illusion of Control

“You teach best what you most need to learn…” 

Have you ever heard that phrase or a paraphrase with a similar message? Have you experienced a truth in your own life that makes the phrase resonate with you inner teacher and/or inner student? 1,256 more words


life is full of illusions
masquerading as reality
but who can tell…


So that happened

Well this is a new kind of world for me.

It’s a whole lot different anyway.

The ‘big D’! Yeah, it’s here.

The thing is when you get married young you are blindsided with an unending infatuation of what the ideal is. 386 more words