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Distorted illusions, I see of you

I run towards you

Still half of you

You never fail to flood my head

no one to resuscitate… 45 more words


Disillusionment (circa 2015)


Illusion of a support system
Illusion of friendship
Illusion of being important to another human being

I care so easily
I find other human beings important… 60 more words


Checking in!

I don’t have much to report, other than I’m closing in on the end of Part I of the book. I have about one-ish more chapter to get through, and then we’ll have a completed beginning of  91 more words


Dedicated to Denial - #poetry #FebruaryWriting #collaboration

Dedicated to denial

She refused to believe what she had seen

All the lies and fabrications

Began to unravel at the seams

Caught in her own confusion… 64 more words

Night Owl Poetry

a repost: The Illusion of Reality

Article originally posted on Waking Times (click link for original)

The Mandela Effect, and Memory

A new internet meme, related to confabulation, is known as the Mandela Effect. 3,542 more words


A psychologist noticed this cool chair illusion in his office

By Alex Fradera

A short paper in the journal i-Perception presents a disconcerting visual illusion spotted “in the wild”: how stackable chairs, viewed from a certain angle, mess with your head. 224 more words



It is not always easy to bury everything and carve these lips into a smile.

If only I could stretch my hand

and have my fingertips touch the air… 103 more words