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Artist Recognition: Sergio Albiac

Sergio is a virtual artist which uses traditional media and generative computer code.

“Beauty, contradictions, the illusion of control in a world much governed by randomness and the elusive nature of emotions are recurring ideas in my work.” Here’s some work that he offers: 177 more words



Just an observational post. Something I’ve observed for as long as I can remember actually.

Living a physical existence is stressful enough; needing water, food, shelter, etc. 103 more words

Is love an illusion?

The other day at work, my colleague and I were caught up in a discussion on love and relationships. While our conversation touched on everything from modern dating to the rising rates of divorce, she left me with a thought that latched to my mind and took the rest of the week to finally pry off. 1,038 more words


Face of the Phantom Lady

Face . . .
Her face, barely visible, will appear so near to him
To again begin the chase in which case he will lose… 124 more words