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Enter The Dragon And The Illusion Of Satan

I’m watching Enter the Dragon. You have to love Bruce Lee who does not enjoy his movies? When I was a kid I went through my Bruce Lee Phase. 325 more words

Divinely Ordained

The ocean and the sky
are forever separated
by that imaginary line
we call the horizon.

There are some who say
this was Divinely Ordained. 39 more words


Words and Concepts are Liars

“Through words and concepts we are still con­tinually misled into imagining things as being simpler than they are, sep­arate from one another, indivisible, each existing in and for itself”.

251 more words

Illustration - Wings of Blood.

This week i decided to try a new/different software for my illustration. Namely Krita.
Keep in mind, i have not been approached by anyone to write a review. 363 more words

Assemblages of 'Spooks'

The ends of all things

No one questions the force of G(ravity)

Yet all is redacted

Unaware of fragments

Unaware of lands built of story and upwelling song, rather than atoms… 399 more words

Contemporary Poetry

There is No Script

The thing I’m realizing most about life these days is: There is no script. None.

We’d all like to think there is. It makes us feel good to think we know what it is. 927 more words

Mental Health

Flimsy Love, Carefree Highway


Like faded paint down middle of highway,

Stilted message—three flimsy lines

To trace adventures, truck trips we made,

Wild wonder on the run…

How could you condense those times? 88 more words