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Author Interview fifth question

Fifth question for Author, Sheryl Hames Torres: Pick five words to describe your writing style/voice… then tell us why you chose each word.

Irreverent–I’ve never been one to back down or believe or not believe something simply because that’s what I’m supposed to do. 317 more words

Life Is Good...

Here Are Some INSANE Optical Illusions. Your Eyes Can No Longer Be Trusted. Shhh… They’re Watching.

It’s hard to find words to describe these photos. Here are 25 amazing optical illusions that will twist your brain and make you question reality. 1.) A bug pretending to be a mini dinosaur. 141 more words

Author Interview fourth question

Fourth question for Author, Sheryl Hames Torres: Do you work any reality from your own life into your novels? If so, do you change it to make it more or less dramatic? 262 more words

Life Is Good...

Keep your eyes open

It’s all an illusion child.

The tire swing hanging from the oak tree, with your feet dangling in the air, brushing against the fragile dandelions. 269 more words


The Well

We sat at the high counter by the window and sipped our hot chocolates while watching people walk by. I rested my feet against the bar on my chair, while she let hers dangle loosely. 2,907 more words



I sat at the table earlier tonight
looking out the open sliding glass door.
A light outside lined up with the door frame
so that when I leaned a certain way, 352 more words