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The wee hours of the morning as darkness yet shrouds the fields below my window,  Kipling comes to mind.  Triumph and Disaster both imposters I finally realize are clamoring for my attention, yet IF I can just keep my head…. 299 more words


The Bubbles And Illusions Are About To Be Popped – Episode 1285

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Many Americans have never recovered from the great recession, many don’t have the ability to meet a $400 emergency expense. Many people said they would have to go further into debt to meet the emergency. 173 more words


John Cox: Part Two

How important do you feel “The Magic Show” was to the audience’s appreciation of magic?

Doug Henning brought magic back to Broadway and back to legitimate theater…So, it really was “The Magic Show” that re-introduced the world to grand illusion…I wish I would have seen it…When you read about it, it was a good mix of breathtaking magic and quaint, small theater…It struck a perfect tone. 293 more words

Doug Henning

The Arts of of Illusions

Bet you read that title wrong didn’t you? Well it’s of course, an illusion tricking the mind into skipping over that word to make the sentence make sense. 297 more words

The Sands of Time

I’m out in the sands of time
But I won’t lose my mind
For I understand the design
Formed by what is divine

I wonder what life could really mean… 200 more words