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Is Happiness An Illusion?

That was what popped up when I was casting about on the daily prompt for something to write about. Wow! That’s deep, I thought. Really I was after something a bit more light and fluffy, you know, not quite so cerebral. 808 more words

The Experience Machine, the Nature of Reality, and God

Have you heard the thought experiment of The Experience Machine? If not, it’s roughly as follows:

Imagine there exists a machine, such that when you enter it, you experience a perfect universe. 326 more words


Living Up to Expectations

For most of my life I tried to live up to other people’s expectations:  family, friends, teachers, etc. Most of the expectations I was expected to live up to were also directly conflictory with other things I was being told.  275 more words

Life Lessons


It’s understandable that one would become worried if they start seeing more Foxes. They are known for their cunning and trickery. However, a Fox calling out to you doesn’t mean that they are intending to lead you astray. 91 more words


Day 63

“When you look to nature you never find perfection. You find beauty. You find organization. You find purpose.”

You must stop looking for perfection in your life.

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Thought Of The Day

week 25

“Power cannot be found, grown, cultivated, or gathered. It is a social construct of a mutually agreed upon illusion. Leaders can take, wield, and hold on to power, for only, as long as it is given to them by people.” – 23 more words