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18:89 to 18:91 - Actions without actions

After that, He followed another route. He came across a group of people to whom Allah had given no protection against the Sun. They must have been very primitive people. 72 more words


Illusions ft Ryan Mane - The Fuck Around [prod KasstroTV]

My boy KasstroTV out here killing it again for yal…
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Life Lesson ~ No Charge

https://unchartedblogdotorg.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/welcome-to-six-sentence-stories-15/   Ivy’s cue for the current Six Sentence Story is CHARGE.  Click link to meet Ivy and the nonpareil ‘Doug’ ♥


She’d never been a take-charge person. 108 more words

Hungry Heart


the sun is setting on the day

yet rising on me

on this life of mine.


both are an illusion.

For the earth simply spins,

and I

simply live.


Something about you

I know something about you
Somehow I take it for truth
Although sometimes
I don’t

I don’t consider myself
The superstitious
Or delusional type
But somehow… 15 more words

18:86 to 18:88 - Righteous action

Dhul Qarnayn was a person who was a normal human being, like prophet moosa. Allah hadn’t granted him special knowledge to understand future. He was also prone to illusions. 195 more words


18:83 to 18:85 - Dhul Qarnayn

After the last lesson, we might think that its great to be able to see through illusions and have knowledge about the future.

But Allah created us in this way for a reason. 88 more words