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People  Kirk Newman (1926-
1973-1974  Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

photograph daysift

Status. Going back. I don’t. Primarily because it no longer serves with purpose. Unless it does. 764 more words


Garden Whispers with Style

Before I start with STYLE I will say a few words about the images below.

Taken at 332 more words


Illusive | Emily Lloyd-Jones

The Book

The Vaccine to the MK virus epidemic did a lot of things. But no one expected it to do this. For about 3% of the population that vaccine gave them powers. 609 more words


TOP 10 TUESDAY- Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Leaving Under The Tree!


It feels like forever ago since I last did a Top 10 Tuesday and I don’t know why I missed it last week it seemed like a great topic! 400 more words

Book Blogger

General Assholery & Illusive Authors

The other night I realized that I wasn’t just a pain in the ass as a kid, I was a straight up asshole. Like I don’t wish that kid on anyone level of assholery. 1,459 more words


They were just a couple of words. He couldn’t touch these words, but he could see them and he knew how they made him feel. They were words, only words. 378 more words

Guilty of Greenwashing

I grew up with the notion that wearing or producing real fur was immoral. As a child, watching 101 Dalmatians, I learned to hate Cruella De Vil for trying to kill those cute little puppies for their skin. 1,749 more words

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