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Zodiacal Light

Among the astronomical phenomena visible to the unaided eye, the zodiacal light is perhaps one of the grandest sights to behold in the evening sky. Delicate in every respect, the zodiacal light is a uniform, soft wedge of light that stands above the horizon at the end of twilight. 655 more words


Preclusions of Intellectual Freedom

Inside each person, there is an eager contrarian ready and willing to challenge the norm. The same applies to those that have little appreciation let alone understanding of normalcy. 344 more words

Illusive Freedom

What’s meditation session without having a deep realization about life. Today my realization was about how frequently do I hear the phrase “You’re lucky that your family gave you so much freedom”.  327 more words


I don’t know if hope is white. But I do know that hope for me is like some mythical creature. – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie

Book Quotes

Album Alert: Short Moscato - My First Pair of Slippers

Buffalo, NY’s own Short Moscato is back with his sophomore album, My First Pair of Slippers 58 more words

Notice everyone looking so smart in Kendal, thats down to Urban Celebrity, and they have new lines for autumn

Everywhere you look in Kendal and the surrounding areas at the moment you see modern styled well dressed people. Urban Celebrity on Finkle Street is the reason, and it was long over due. 51 more words