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No Selfie

To discover the truth of the concept of self and other is to discover the truth of our essential nature, which is that of pure and indivisible consciousness, also known as love. 300 more words


Final Portfolio.

For my photography class I had to pick 15 photos from my assignments and print them out for the “finals”

I chose to follow a theme. 363 more words


Ripping Up My Illusory Comfort Zone

Evening All!

This morning I’ve done something that would seem fairly unremarkable and torn up a shed load of paper, but the thing about these bits of paper is that they all had scribblings on that were meant to act as anything from a memory prompt to a full on reminder of many individual things I didn’t want to loose track of or forget. 406 more words


Already Dead?

A well-worn phrase that creates yet another apparent obstacle while trudging along the spiritual path. Probably most often found in the Zen tradition, for example: 435 more words

Beyond Spirituality

Otherworldly Words: Illusory

April Fools’ Day is long gone, but I still have one last word about trickery up my sleeve.

Illusory is from a Latin derivative meaning to mock or ridicule. 125 more words


Practice 15

This practice goes further than the previous practices.  Now we are taught that if someone ridicules us and parades our past failures and current faults before the world, we LISTEN. 54 more words


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To my knowledge, this practice is a unique teaching. As in the previous practice, Christ taught that we should rejoice when we are persecuted; yogic teachings herald Buddhist teachings in that we should be wary of our reputations, or fame, for they are transitory and illusory. But this teaching goes beyond the simple fact of our persecution to what we can learn from it. To that extent, at least, I take this teaching to mean something I have long believed anyway: learn what you can in any situation. There is always something.