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(8) Creation is an illusion

Before birth, “I” did not exist

Nor after death, will I exist

In between my life illusory

A self-projection temporary

Blank screen before beginning

Again blank after movie ending… 75 more words


(7) Creator and Creation

Only one fundamental reality

Namely, The Singular Unity

Manifests as duality transitory

Perceiver and perceived illusory

Creation may vanish without trace

But Creator is eternal formless… 85 more words


Lucid Spectacle

Conscious of the illusory situation,

Recognizing what I see as an apparition,

I revel in the show,

Going along with the flow,

Astonished by my own imagination. 30 more words


Taming the Devil

Alright folks, you will appreciate this post. There is something here that will dissipate some confusion about one of the most “illusory” and feared cosmic being of all time. 473 more words


I wish to I will

There is a long & distant journey from ‘I wish’ to ‘I will’. Most of us believe this unconsciously as we often remain in the domain of ‘I wish’. 337 more words


Illusory Economic Recovery Supported by Hot Money

From Safe Haven, by Sol Palha

Is this economic recovery real? Well if you base your observations on how far the Dow has risen since the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and on the B.S statistics the BLS puts out, the answer would be a yes. 866 more words


Six Word Saturday: Through the Looking Glass, or Gormenghast?

I love the illusory nature of this shot, and the small details you notice on closer inspection….