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Pride & Prejudice

Just for a moment set aside your pride – the high regard you have for yourself and your accomplishments.

Just for a moment set aside your prejudice – what you have come to believe is right and wrong compared to others in the world. 192 more words


14 Things You Did Not See

You never saw me wake that morning
Changed by what has occurred
Frightened of the tightrope below me

You never saw me pace the room… 192 more words


Silence of the Self

The silence depressed me. It wasn’t the silence of silence. It was my own silence – Sylvia Plath

Self Portrait. There is so much I want to express but I don’t quite have the words for that.

50 more words

Experiments in HDR

So recently I learned about HDR photography, I had long before then seen HDR photos but didn’t know what they were. Someone eventually told me what it was and I did my research, finally, I took to experimenting with some of these ideas. 42 more words



A bright blue skyline on a clear summer day
With a sun that shatters tears in hopeful eyes
While the stone and grass on earth below… 389 more words


No Selfie

To discover the truth of the concept of self and other is to discover the truth of our essential nature, which is that of pure and indivisible consciousness, also known as love. 300 more words


Final Portfolio.

For my photography class I had to pick 15 photos from my assignments and print them out for the “finals”

I chose to follow a theme. 363 more words