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Get Your Lips Ready For Summer

* New flavors from Burt’s Bees 
* Designed for sun protection
* Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart are fans

There’s no quicker way to ruin a great summer day than by getting horribly sunburned — and that applies to your lips too. 227 more words


I, Awareness, Want For Nothing

I, Awareness, want for nothing. I have no desires because I am the source of all objects. Within me all things arise. Within me all things disappear. 419 more words


[Video] Deck Tech - Midrange Mimic Scout

In today’s video, CVH goes over his version of the Midrange Mimic Scout deck along with the general gameplay elements of the deck. Illusory Mimic’s introduction into the metagame with the Madhouse Collection many weeks back gave birth to the Midrange Mimic Scout deck. 72 more words


A Drop Of Water

‘So the remembrance of our self is said to be

the direct path to peace and happiness.’

~ Rupert Spira

Talking about non-duality with my wife, Dana, she said, ‘This teaching, the direct path, is like a drop of water falling into the ocean instead of a river.’ 277 more words


Duncan Jones accepts BRIT award for dad David Bowie: This 'is for all the kooks'

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.com.

David Bowie‘s son Duncan Jones paid tribute to his late father’s legacy during the 2017 BRIT Awards on Wednesday, taking the stage to accept the icon’s posthumous award for MasterCard British album of the year. 173 more words


​What is this will to live? Why does it contradict human existence? We live lives that consists more of suffering than our ignorant respites of jubilation, yet we persist in crawling through the desolate morass of our existence in a complacent desperate hope of finding the next thing that will grant us our next short-lived fix of merriment as the feel-good junkies we are inevitably doomed to be.


A Glimpse

When you take a moment and set aside all that you think yourself to be, you might get a glimpse of IT, whatever you happen to call it – be it the Ultimate, Absolute, Divine Spirit, Pure Consciousness, God, or Ever-Present Awareness. 253 more words