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Friday the 13th Book Review: Warren the 13th by Tania del Rio and Will Staehle

Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye by Tania del Rio and Will Staehle

Happy Friday the 13th!

I don’t usually really or review children’s books, but after getting a gander at the artwork for this book (I’m a huge… 307 more words


100 Plants to Feed the Bees, by the Xerces Society (2016)

As I live in an area known for its bountiful harvests, and I am building a vegetable garden, it’s a no-brainer that my flower garden needs to include lots of pollinator attractants. 417 more words


Merry Christmas!

I am typing fast and writing very little today. Just got to share with you a Christmas present I received from my eldest son.

Da da… … 405 more words

The Art of Raising a Puppy, by the Monks of New Skete (1991, 2011)

If a family puppy finds its way under your tree this year (either joining your household now, or as in our case, in spring) sprint to the store for a copy of this highly recommended classic puppy training book, recently updated and reissued for its 20th anniversary. 296 more words


Quilting Is My Therapy, by Angela Walters (2016)

As I embark on a new phase of my life, the prospect of quilting is both appealing and incredibly daunting. I love the idea of quilting – the time, patience, and frankly love that it takes to piece leftover scraps of fabric into a creation that is both beautiful and useful. 288 more words


Project Apollo: The Early Years, 1961-1967, by Eugen Reichl (2016)

13 to Adult
How sadly appropriate that I’m writing this on the day American astronaut and space pioneer John Glenn passed away, Dec. 8. You don’t have to be too much of a space geek to enjoy this introduction to the unmanned Apollo missions that preceded Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s steps on the moon. 427 more words

Young Adult

The Wolf Wilder

‘Once upon a time, a hundred years ago, there lived a dark and stormy girl.’

The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

Technically, this is classed as a children’s book, but a great story is a great story, and if Harry Potter has taught us anything, it is that being a children’s book will not be a barrier to adults everywhere reading it. 245 more words