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Season's Race

Every year, Sam, Will, Kim and Anne, compete a race to celebrate the seasons. But this year, they got a new obstacle and they must save the world before crossing the finish line.

Children's Book

Fiery Ferments, by Kirsten Shockey and Christopher Shockey (2017)

If you follow food blogs, you’ll know that fermented foods are gaining new interest, beyond sauerkraut. Turns out you can ferment almost any vegetable, though obviously some lend themselves better to the pickle-y flavour than others. 384 more words


The Book of Memory Gaps

 If we are our memories, what happens to us if we lose it? A small moment or a lifetime?

We use the terms ‘remember’ and ‘forget’ with as much casualness as the breath we take. 655 more words


150 Years of Stats Canada! A Guide to Canada's Greatest Country, by Andrew Bondy, et al (2017)

Happiest birthday wishes to the best country on our planet, imho, celebrating just 150 years of giving the world lumberjack shirts, playoff beards, top curlers and hockey for both men AND women, timbits and a hungry market for cheese from all over the world, to name just a few things. 366 more words


The Big Bad Fox, by Benjamin Renner (2015, 2017)

Animal Fiction
Initially thinking this was a picture book and attracted by the cover, I obtained a digital galley from the publisher. Much to my delight, it turned out to be a graphic novel, numbering about 200 pages. 259 more words


Tano - historia de migrantes Ítalo-uruguayos

CLiENT: Project MEC Uruguay - Fondo Concursable para la Cultura 
YEAR: 2016
Format: 64pgg 17x23.5cm colour

Illustrated book based on the life stories of Italian-Uruguayan migration through several generations. 278 more words


The Physics of Everyday Things, by James Kakalios (2017)

I seem to be tripping over nonfiction books this season, and this is the second tome on physics in just a few weeks! Given how much I enjoyed… 259 more words