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"...her children rise up and call her blessed..."

She embraces each day

ready, whatever may come

watching over all

entrusted into her care

She blesses all she touches


With her hands she makes… 167 more words

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Sh*t Typical Men Do

If you care that much about big breasts, then go chase a pair and leave the small ones alone. It’s a free country! (Or so they say.) Just keep in mind, firmness is tentative.



Cartagena and its people

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombia’s inventor of magic realism, set several of his works in Cartagena.  Not least for its people. He will also feature in the illustrated story to come… 47 more words


Cartagena's protection against pirates

This is a small part of Cartagena’s city wall.

In the 17th century Cartagena was in Spanish hands. Royalty decided to build a fortress with a wall around the city to protect it from pirates. 93 more words

Urban Sketches

A Country Taken (Part 3, conclusion)

It started with a rumble, a sound like a thousand pair of boots trampling, racing across the compound. The skies erupted with loud claps of thunder. 551 more words

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Draft pages, illustrated story

I’ve been working on a story for some time now and have been trying out a few formats and styles. The first version was wordless, and seeing as that didn’t work out so well, I’m trying my hand at including words.  56 more words

Simon And Finn

Like a lost lamb who wandered away

The story in the 23rd Psalm of the Old Testament Bible of The Good Shepherd was always my favorite, growing up, as was the accompanied photo of the Good Shepherd, used to depict the famed bible story.  544 more words

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