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Shy Girl - Tacki's Cure. A Prelude.

In the off chance you have not heard of these two ordinary girls with extraordinary  abilities, I offer you a great opportunity to get yourself acquainted with the mind of Jacana and Aries. 225 more words

Shy Girl


After finding the perfect long stemmed flower, Shy Girl wraps it around herself in preparation for their investigation/exploration/rescue. She’s a little more ready to meet the unknown. 123 more words

Shy Girl

I've Something To Tell You

As if it had all been planned, or perhaps Aries’ OAI is remarkably on point today, Muse begins to tell her friends about her father and mother, as if they had always existed, and the remarkable Yonder Flower. 887 more words

Shy Girl

Give Me Five

Shy Girl eventually opens her eyes, Muse had been gone for an unknown amount of time, and immediately accepts the The Sweet Village and the brilliant stone wall that stands before her. 230 more words

Shy Girl

Lost Control

“This doesn’t make sense. Why can’t you just turn around?” asked Muse, as she struggled to keep up with her determined friend.

I can’t control my body. 176 more words

Shy Girl

Brothers Divided

Hagar approached Abraham’s tent, Ishmael following after his mother with little concern for what was coming. Abraham had no choice if he wanted to keep Sarah happy. 810 more words

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"Not their last dance" (A Valentine's Day poem/story)

Recipients, waiting for hearts

Pray faith imparts

What most they need

From one’s kind deed


With hope the hearts that are reserved

For both preserved… 215 more words

My Writings