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Halloween and How to Upset the Elderly

My favorite holiday is just around the corner: Halloween.

Witches, ghosts, candy, and people making bad decisions in horror movies; what’s not to love about the season of spooks? 415 more words

Michiko The Cat

Michiko The Cat

Tapping his feet silently

Waiting on the door patiently

This time it’ll be the chicken, maybe?

Michiko The Cat

Is a young boy… 58 more words


The Father’s Way

When we were walking the trail one day with our dog I spotted these little geese families. We watched them first trot along in the high grass, across our path to the lake with all the babies’ in tow, their little heads barely seen above the grass. 342 more words

My Writings

[2] A Prelude

Aries and Jacana, two ten-year-old girls with undiagnosed OAI (over-active imagination), spend their time playing at The Sweet Conservatory – home to tropical birds and plants. 22 more words

Shy Girl

[4] Tacki!

Shy Girl sits quietly as Muse’s restlessness increases. A strange sound is heard from beyond the pillar grass and the girls decide to investigate. Shy Girl first wraps a flower around herself, putting her nerves at ease. 9 more words

Shy Girl

[5] I've Something To Tell You

After Muse tells an old story of her father and his fateful journey to find the yonder flower, a plant flowing with healing blood, the two dolls head home to pack their bags. 71 more words

Shy Girl