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Story of a Little Mouse Building a House - Perfect Picture Book Friday

I organized our school’s annual book swap this year, where families bring in bags of books they no longer want, the library committee sorts them, and then students, parents, and staff select books to supplement their summer reading. 345 more words

Book Review

The Heritage of the Future?

Grab your sonic screwdriver and look out for Morlocks – this week the Oswestry Heritage Comics heads to history’s final frontier: the Future!

We always think of heritage as being about looking back – looking to the past, to the things from yesterday that have survived until today. 334 more words


Miscellaneous Ramblings About Comic-Book Stuff, Part 2

Unlike Part 1, this rambling about comics will address something I’ve seen in comics as of late that personally annoy me. The two examples provided are from titles of pulp characters that deserved a better treatment. 757 more words

Art & Design

#TBT Anna's Art

As you might have guessed from my Twitter handle (@annawritedraw) and license plate, writing and drawing have always been a large part of my life. Recently, portfolios full of my old artwork came home to me. 180 more words

About Me

Sea Girl

I like to follow #MerMay on Twitter, which is a yearly drawing event where artist draw mermaids all month long. This is my first time taking part, though I’ve not been drawing every day! 76 more words


European Eel (Anguilla anguilla)

The European eel is something of a puzzle. Humans have know about it, eaten it and studied it since Aristotle’s time, but much confusion still remains surrounding the eel and it’s mysterious sex life. 199 more words


Estopia: Luthen

Illustration for ” Estopia ” by  Michela Villani  on the 8th chapter.


this is  the second I made after   chapter  7   The Journey