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The Truth Shall Set You Free

You ever asked yourself what it is that you want, what do you want to do with your life, what do you want your days to look like? 195 more words


Close Call!

I almost quit my boring job yesterday. I had that feeling of dreadfulness, and while I was showering I realized I had two days off after today.  274 more words


How I Found Happiness

I don’t know what made me finally give it a try. I guess it was my desperation. Before I tried what worked I went to therapy but it didn’t seem to help. 282 more words

Animal Pen Ink Art


Illustration Drawing
9×12 Sketch Pad


Creating iPad Icons Using Adobe Tools

This project takes the idea of redesigning some of the logos of the native Apple apps on an iPad. I explained to the students that I was turning them into mini graphic designer teams. 354 more words

Graphic Design

Drawing Emojis in Illustrator CC (Grade 4)

For this project, I needed to seriously brush up on my Illustrator skills. I’ll be the first to admit that Illustrator is not my preferred tool for the reason that I CAN’T DRAW. 339 more words

Illustration & Drawing

Crafting Animal Composites with Photoshop CC (Grade 3)

This is my first big regret of the year. Not that the idea behind the project wasn’t a good one, but that the expectation was perhaps too great for my Grade 3 students, who are still very new to Photoshop. 453 more words