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The Monster Project 2016

Participated in the 2016 version of the Monster Project – was lucky find a talented young artist who did an awesome drawing that I got to interpret. 69 more words

Illustration & Drawing

Scribbled City

After writing my own brief to begin my last project of my second year at university, I created a concept around the layered marks and graphic lines of graffiti, wanting to achieve a colourful, streetwear feel. 28 more words

Concept/Design Development

Fashion Illustration

My final project during my second year at university saw me experiment a lot more with fashion drawing. I really enjoyed creating exciting representations of menswear outfits to compliment my fabric samples. 11 more words


Week 8: Fingerpainting, Glow Painting, Logos and Magazine Covers

This week the Preps looked at a couple more types of art on the iPad in the form of fingerpainting and glow painting. The Grades 1-2s started work on their Digital Portfolio (more on that in the next post), the Grade 3-4s finished their app logos and the Grade 5-6s created Magazine Covers in InDesign. 596 more words

Graphic Design

Week 7: Funny Faces, Storytelling #2, Logos and Magazine Spreads

This week the Preps had a lot of fun making faces out of fruit and other assorted objects, the Grade 1-2s were finishing off their Toy Stories using Adobe Spark Video, the Grade 3-4s started work on designing logos for their mock app games and the Grade 5-6s were given an extra session to finish off their work on magazine spreads. 815 more words


Week 6: Colouring, Storytelling, Robots and Magazines

This week is very much a continuation of last week. The Grade 3s and 4s finished their robot, the Grade 5s and 6s continued with their magazine spread, and the Preps went on with trying to colour accurately on the iPad. 478 more words

Graphic Design