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This is a little illustration for the prompt angler fish + ballet set by @studioteabreak over on Twitter. See the trouble I had drawing her shoulders and head in the speed paint below! 103 more words



Renee figured out the cat flap today.

It’s taken her ten months.

I think she’s enjoying the garden and the sun very much.

We all get there in the end.



I’ve started a Patreon page. If you don’t know of Patreon –

For creators, Patreon is a way to get paid for creating the things you’re already creating (webcomics, videos, songs, whatevs). 400 more words


The Scenes I Wish We'd GoT | Illustrations from a Disappointed Game Of Thrones Fan

Game of Thrones fans were anxiously hanging tight for the eight period of the show and since it arrived at an end, a large number of them are feeling let down. 89 more words


Mermay 2019 Day 18

Fallen a bit behind with mermay this year but hopefully I can catch up. Here is day 18.


dinner is served: mac n cheese

mac n cheese. SketchBook. 2019

I hated the Kraft dinner stuff growing up so I always assumed that mac and cheese tasted bad…Until this year. 185 more words


Thornback Cowfish

T is for Thornback Cowfish

This fish is a sort of box with bits stuck on for eyes and mouth…

Wikipedia tells me it actually has “hexagonal, plate-like scales which are fused together”. 38 more words