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(NSFW) Relatable Anxieties Of Adulthood Depicted Through Rib-Tickling Illustrations

Why mope over everyday worries when you can laugh it off?

French illustrator C├ęcile Dormeau has a knack for transforming the typical stresses that come with of being a grownup into amusing sketches and gifs. 343 more words

Graphic Design

Hello Again!

Hi everyone! I’ve been a little nonexistent lately on my website, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy creating new things! I’ll add a couple pictures of some recent artwork to this post and start adding to my portfolio pages on my website soon…I’m in much need of an art update.

Thank you!

Black beauty!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is terrible. I honestly tried to draw a horse for hours and this was the best I could do….it’s really not like black beauty at all but I tried lol!


From the Other Side.

After sharing my amazing experience with a fan I wanted to share another one. So as mentioned before I have this incredibly talented fan that lives in Australia. 195 more words


An Alpine Birthday Celebration

My mother arrived in Europe in time for my birthday. Three days in and she’d already filled the photo memory on her phone twice, laughed at every sign that said ‘einfahrt’ (and in particular at a ticket that said ‘uberfahrt’) and made up German sounding words to use in every possible situation e.g. 549 more words


Spending the day with 200,000 new friends

“You gotta come!” my son-in-law pleaded, referring to the big women’s march down Fifth Avenue to Trump Tower. Frankly, I was planning to be in solidarity with my sisters from the comfort of my cozy apartment. 565 more words

New York City