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NYPD - Sexual Assault Poster

Sexual assault can happen to anyone and if ever in danger, call the number you see above. I created this poster to send a specific message. 52 more words

Johnny Depp - Editorial Spread

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. This editorial was extremely enjoyable to create. Let me know what you guys think!

Room Design

After starting the logo with illustrator I had decided to continue working on illustrator for the design of the room. I had started by making a template of a room. 185 more words


Visual Communications: Modular Design

By using shape, line, and color, I was able to create a modular design that emphasizes three-dimensional form. The spherical balls utelize shape, as well as rhythem and movement. 67 more words


Formatting a TV

The following is a layer based collaboration project that I had recently completed in Adobe Illustrator. This lab was a more in depth lab that included a lot of skills dealing with combining layers and different images. 96 more words


Week 14- December 5-9

Note: The original images of the above project were from pexels.com!

This last week was an interesting one in Digital Arts. We started working in Adobe illustrator which is a program like Photoshop except that it uses vector images. 380 more words

Digital Art