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I started out with a horse face. It didn’t seem “enough”, so I added wings. I don’t even particularly like wings. But it’s nice to have something to default to when you’re still itching to be drawing something. 88 more words

Lethal injection is the most humane for North Carolina

Thinking about the death penalty as a punishment for murderers  is controversial. Some people believe that death penalty is a good way to treat those, while others think that rehabilitation programs are most beneficial. 33 more words


Simple Design, Long Way

The world of graphic design is filled with so much work that it may be hard to find a style that either makes you stand out, or makes you feel like you’re actually keeping up with all of the amazing talent out there. 149 more words


Pencil me in! Save The Date adventures

I recently did a friends wedding invitations, which was equally a fun project for me and a favour for her. They came out better than I expected, and her sister who got engaged shortly after has asked me to do hers as well. 421 more words