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PSVita UI redesign

Self initiated project. An “unsolicited redesign” of the PlayStation Vita, handheld Sony console often criticized by the public for its User Inter- face.

This was my first ever design project that I undertook mainly as a challenge to explore alternative design, UI/UX, and to better learn the Adobe suite. 56 more words


My mobile UI experience

Star Taxi.

This is the application i had to work with for my thesis as a Multimedia Designer. After my internship i decided to tackle a silly project that could potentially fix the taxi service in Bucharest the capital of Romania. 67 more words


Get Bent

Limited edition zine discussing the issue of homosexuality acceptance and homosexual culture, semiotics and artistic influence.

The zine is designed to aggressively engage the reader, with a bold cover and title and continuous changes of perspective and layout throughout the publication, with a final mini game in which the reader is challenged to apply or not the discussed semiotics and cultural stereotypes to see in which spectrum he resides.

Published copies

Research and study


Campaign for Change

Director for rebranding and marketing/advertisement plan and production for “Campaign for Change”, commissioned by Kent charity “Catching Lives”.

Worked closely with three other designers and pitched the project to campaign director Kelly Napier. 51 more words


Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, a Brooklyn-based illustrator and painter, created the art series “Stop Telling Women to Smile” (STWTS) in attempt to address street harassment. The series consists of portraits of women who have shared their experiences of street harassment with Fazlalizadeh. 148 more words


Pathfinding Arrow Final Updated HUD

After reviewing my arrow design I just updated the colour gradient to suit my final colour scheme and I adjusted the angle of the arrow using the 3D effect in illustrator.


2/9 Tuesday Assignments

Today I worked some more on the Lynda.com Illustrator curriculum material. I also evidently got into the National Technical Honor Society which I am quite elated about! 173 more words