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Hair Studies Sketch

..Hair, one of the hardest things to master!

EJ Negre

Moving back in with the parents-an illustrators perspective. Part 1.

I am calling this post Part 1 because this is a piece about the struggles I am finding without even moved back home. I am anticipating actually making the big move will throw up it’s own problems that I have yet to know about so keep an eye out for Part 2! 1,966 more words

City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York, Blair Breitenstein, Illustrator

You guys by now know I’m an instagram junkie and love discovering amazing people with amazing talents, especially when red lipstick is involved.

Many of you may have seen… 143 more words


Words, pictures, play...



Time has not been on my side when it comes to my art making. During me years at art school, time was for drawing and painting, but the work I produced felt more forced than natural. 379 more words