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Family Portrait Art

Hired to create a digital family portrait illustration.
Final piece was a lovely framed Giclée print.

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Zak Illustrator hw charector design.  

For our first piece of hw given by Zak we were instructed to create a games charecter of our own imagination. The picture above was a piece inspired by a charecter named Starkiller (star wars force unleashed) wearing a unknown piece of rouge jedi armour. 27 more words


Character Design

as part of our homework, I was given a task to invent my own original character. I decided to go to the more abstract approach and create my character out of polygons and a variety of different colours and tones.


"I became an artist because I couldn't become anything else."

“I became an artist because I couldn’t become anything else.”

Mati Klarwein, German, surrealist, painter, illustrator, filmmaker

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Top 5 tips to design a logo

How to make your logo effective-

  1. Be creative and unique– Logo is what helps distinguish a brand from its competitors, so it’s important that the image stands out from the rest — something many brands struggle with.
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Few more Info Graphics

If you haven’t seen it on a previous post. I’ve created these new ones in Illustrator and After Effects. Usually take me over a day to complete them, the info-graphics pieces I have created go onto social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram to be exact) with facts on number of laps, lap records, race distances, top speeds, tyres and so forth on each Grand Prix. 39 more words

Tracing In Illustrator

For our lesson today, we were using tools we had learnt in the previous lesson to trace over our characters we had designed. We started off by getting a scanned image of our character designs, so we could easily trace over them in Illustrator. 107 more words

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