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Illustrator Saturday: Emily Emerson

Emily Emerson is am an illustrator and surface pattern designer. She creates whimsical illustrations for children’s publishing and lively patterns for fabric, apparel, stationery, home décor and much more. 1,365 more words


Illustrator Saturday - Sam Rennocks

Sam Rennocks is an Illustrator currently based in Loughborough and I’ve always loved being creative. I used to annoy my dad as a child by making sound effects of the things I was drawing. 3,066 more words


Illustrator Saturday - Katherine Tillotson

Katherine  was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and grew up near lakes and surrounded by trees. Now she lives in San Francisco, with her husband, in a house on a hill. 1,447 more words


Illustrator Saturday - Tatjana Mai-Wyss

Tatjana Mai-Wyss was born in Switzerland. Growing up with her nose in a book, she always wanted to be the one to draw the pictures. Today Tatjana is an illustrator, designer, teacher and all-around creative based in South Carolina. 1,622 more words


Illustrator Saturday - Rashin Kheiriyeh

Rashin Kheiriyeh is an internationally recognized, award-winning illustrator/author, animation director, and painter who has published Sixty children’s books in countries such as France, Italy,United State,Japan,Germany,Spain, South Korea,China, India and Iran. 1,671 more words


Illustrator Saturday - Elisa Chavarri

Elisa Chavarri is a freelance illustrator originally from Lima, Peru. She did much of her growing up in Northern Michigan where she now resides with her husband, baby girl, cat, and dog. 2,236 more words


Illustrator Saturday - Christine Kornacki

Christine is a writer/illustrator living in Bridgeport, CT. When she was two years old, she used to yell at her older brother for coloring wrong (he would always color outside the lines).   4,611 more words