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Head-hunting with culture's blessing

The concept of cultural relativism means that an individual human’s beliefs and activities should be understood by others in terms of that individual’s own culture. In anthropology, we do not demonize other cultural practices, but instead try to understand why people do what they do, within the context of their own culture. 515 more words

Personal Reflection

Ilongot Tribe

Have you ever heard of the headhunter tribes living in Northern Luzon? I grew up in Nueva Vizcaya,  the concept of headhunting is not new to me. 181 more words


What Killed Dr. William Jones?

I like to look at archival photos every once in awhile. There’s something about seeing images from the past that grips me. The long dead faces, and old–almost foreign–landscapes tell stories. 1,070 more words

The Philippines

Ilongot Number System - A Wild Exception (Updated 5/12/07)

The Ilongots are the only group in the entire Western Malayo-Polynesian language family area (coloured violet on the map below) that still retain their original non-decimal counting system, where everything is hunky-dory up to No 5, then goes 5+1, 5+2, etc, in the usual way of people who have not yet made the break from counting their fingers to having a full decimal system. 383 more words