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Ilustrasi Gajah

Yusof Gajah seorang ilustrator dan pelukis. Saya amat mengagumi kerja kerasnya. Hari ini aku cuba melukis karikatur beliau berpandukan muka yang disenyumkan khas hari ini. Hehehe! Biasa muka serius je.


Olympics Logos

To create these i have used the pen tool to trace around the original logo. To do this I used the pen tool, to create the curves I moved the anchor points into the shape I wanted.   14 more words


Duck in illustrator

my duck                                                                        Original duck

I have used the pen tool to trace the original picture.Then i used the white curser to move around ancher points so it has the same shape.   30 more words


Creating logos in illustrator

This logo was made in adobe illustrator. I have used various tools like pathfinder and the eclipse tool to split the circle into two. To split the circle in half i put a line through the middle and used the minus front tool which is found under the pathfinder menu.I have rotated the two parts so they over lap leaving a 45 degree part out of the circle to make it look even and professional. 157 more words



I made this shape using the pathfinder tool. This tool takes the 2 overlapping shapes and removed the top shape from the shape on the bottom. 105 more words


Flags in illutrator

This is the south-korean flag that i made in illustrator. Here are the steps of making this flag.

This is the layout of the center. One red circle which is the center of the flag. 303 more words