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I want to put my feet behind my head

Basically I’m saying I want to take up yoga.

But not the typical sweaty and simple “hot yoga” fad that’s going around. I want to actually put my feet behind my head: 788 more words

The Usual

So, here we are.

So, here’s my first wordpress and I guess for now I’m going to be a blogger, post pics/media up. Hope you guys enjoy, yadda yadda yadda, I’ll be doing quite a few rants, tutorials and just pics of whats goin on with me and my life so, if you’re interested, stick around folks cause things are gonna get good :)

EVAC City - My first tutorial

So I got to the mediator portion of my framework and realized that I had no clue what the base view or GUI component type was. 226 more words

My development enviornment

So when I started this process, the first task was to figure out what tools I liked the best and the workflow between those tools. The first coding objective I chose was to port my LiteMvc framework to C# and use that as the basis for any applications being developed using the Unity compiler. 519 more words

Man, it's late

That seems to be the current theme since my company’s CTO announced the use of a new technology for a new product that is in development. 331 more words