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Is it just me on the 'bored' thing?

It’s the Easter holidays and we actually have nice weather (for now!), the kids are off so no double-parked mums outside the schools to weave around, and the roads are quieter, if you keep away from the motorways etc! 1,001 more words

I'm Bored: 2 Serialized Manga Works by Miki Yoshikawa

In truth, I only started reading both of her works a week ago, where I stumbled upon the ending of Yamada-kun & The Seven Witches (I’ll call it Yamada for short) in a manga magazine. 1,150 more words

I'm Bored

When you hear the 3 dreaded words, "Mom, I'm Bored"

As a mother of a 1 year and 8 month old boy, I have not heard the “I’m bored” line yet but I can see his frustration as he looks around almost physically expressing “I’m tired of everything I have”. 1,309 more words

I'm Bored: Another 2 Short Manga About Dancing

This month I have a huge craving of manga, one that I feel like I wanted to devour them into my memories with their art & knowledge, even though my review should never be seen professionally. 602 more words

I'm Bored

I'm Bored: 2 Dancesport Manga That I Read Yesterday

How the post came by during a long break: Browse at Manga Here, interested at the cover page of the Welcome to the Ballroom, spend my entire morning reading the chapters (strangely except for the first chapter) published, then looked at TvTropes for that page, see a manga with a similar premise called Straighten Up! 1,004 more words

I'm Bored

Status Post - 01/14/2017

Hey, what’s up, everybody? TyDaSenpai here! :D :) *waves hello* How is everyone today? I’m exhausted at the moment. I spent the ENTIRE DAY shopping as well as hanging out with some of my friends. 260 more words

Status Posts

Hey there. I'm Jenna and I'm bored.

If I took a shot every time I started a new website/blog, I would be dead due to alcohol poisoning. I probably have 7 blogs around the Internet by now and all of them haven’t been updated in months and years. 204 more words