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Mission Catwalk Season 5: Episode 5

Design corporate wear for NCB Foundations scholars entering the world of work.

What a surprisingly difficult challenge, trying to make their newly graduated interns stand out in front of everybody, without making everybody see you as the boss? 323 more words

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Mission Catwalk Season 5: Episode 4

“Sketches don’t walk on runways, designs do.” –Shenna Carby.

GROUP CHALLENGE – Design a mini collection for a selected design house that would suit the style of your group. 570 more words

I'm Bored

366 Poems: April 18th, 2016


You ever have one of those days

where you have absolutely no motivation





fun things to do on the holidays

Hey guys so I know lots of people are going on holidays this week. For this weeks post i thought i would give you guys some ideas on what do these holidays or even just for a weekend! 360 more words

Here’s A Democracy 3 Challenge For You, USA Presidential Candidates

Released by Positech Games in 2005, the Democracy game franchise is a government simulation game that makes yourself a president for a democratic country, trying to make your country better with policies and event decisions while appeasing your loyal ministers (who provide the work for you) and your country voters. 462 more words

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