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I'm Bored; 5 of My Favorite Chapters from Hinamatsuri

I once made a blog post about this manga, which in hindsight felt was too little as a reason for why I’d like it, so I decided to talk about 5 of my favorite chapters from this manga. 757 more words

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I'm Bored: Talking about Angel Densetsu (1993)

Angel Densetsu
Author: Norihiro Yagi
Serialized: Monthly Shonen Jump (1993-2000)
Status: Completed with 15 volumes & 84 chapters

Some weeks ago, Norihiro Yagi (author of this manga & Claymore, both kinda well known, though I didn’t read the latter) finally have another manga series to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday (which meant that the author switched from Shueisha to Shogakukan, and from monthly to daily, a surprising choice from him given his age and what he usually works in). 1,352 more words

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I’m Bored: Astra Lost In Space by Kenta Shinohra (2016)

In 2007, Shonen Jump introduced us mangaka Kenta Shinohara, and his work- Sket Dance, a gag manga about a club that helps people in need, with some serious storylines mixed in (The Happy Rebirthday arc is my favorite moment of the story). 1,128 more words

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I'm Bored: The Attack of Romcoms in Weekly Shonen Magazine

Everybody knows about Weekly Shonen Jump, so I decided to talk about Japan’s possibly 2nd most popular manga magazine, cause it is facing a seismic shift. 1,886 more words

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I'm Bored: Talking about the Manga Hinamatsuri (2010)

by Masao Ohtake(2010)

Serialized by Fellows!, then moved to Harta

Scantalated by various scans. (including Norway Scans. NORWAY!)

One night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta, a member of the yakuza. 557 more words

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I'm Bored: Talking About The 2 Works by KAITO

Cross Manage (2012-2013), serialized by Shonen Jump
Scantalation from: Kudere Scans
Summary: Talented but aimless Sakurai is required by school policy to join an extracurricular activity of some kind. 924 more words

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I'm Bored: Discussion About Days by Yasuda Tsuyoshi (2013)

(Serialized by Weekly Shonen Magazine. Currently scantalated by Matanuki Scans)

Being a 2010s manga reader (reading manga digitally and not having the guts to read One Piece) is not even a factor at why this becomes one of the manga that I prioritize reading in manga sites every week. 1,104 more words

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