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What To do On A Rainy Day - 51 Ideas

Thanks to you we have gathered up ideas for indoor activities to keep kids occupied through all those rainy days when we’re trapped inside. We asked everyone to share their best ideas for indoor activities and we have a great list of reader tips to share. 306 more words

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Mom, I'm bored....

If your children are anything like mine, I can almost bet the words, “Mom, I’m bored.” I love them to pieces and enjoy my time with them greatly but sometimes I run out of ways to keep them entertained and stop them from killing each other (sibling rivalry has begun!) They are so cute together one second and beast mode next second. 217 more words

Fun with Google

Just because I was bored and had no other article ideas, I started typing random things in my Google browser. Some of the results are interesting. 6 more words


My name is .... You know what , forget it !

Greetings ! My name is Chy-Lea (Shy-Lee-Yah)  , but everyone calls me Lea . I TOO have a complicated name , but I grew to love my name overtime , because it’s different . 145 more words


Because my name is "too hard" to pronounce..

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! My name is Shameekia.. and everybody calls me Meeks because my name is “too hard” to pronounce. You know I have one of those names where people ask, where did it come from? 171 more words


Neomo's takes on AniManga controversies.

Been very inactive. Blame the family and their troubles.

Well, the ‘Takes on AniManga Controversies’ are, it seems, the in thing to do now. So I thought I’d put in my two pennies. 1,462 more words

Other Nonsensical Posts


It’s April and April means it’s the start of the music festival season and what better way to kickstart festival season than Coachella am I right?  183 more words