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I’m Bored: Clue: VCR Mystery Game and Clue II: Murder In Disguise VCR Game

For my childhood, Clue is not the game that my family primarily play (that goes to Monopoly and Scrabble). While my family bought the original game, we play one game without understanding the rules, me being laughed by my family for playing Mrs White the maid and after that, I never saw that board game again. 461 more words

Reality Tv

Get to Know Me

1. Name – Erika.

2. Birthday – 2nd of January.

3. Gender – Female.

4. Orientation – Straight

5. Zodiac Sign – Capricorn.

6. Siblings – A sister and a brother, both younger. 160 more words


Collection of VERY short poems that I come up with at night

This is like a thread so I’m gonna publish and republish it again and again. xx


The words they say

Cut deeper than the knives… 105 more words



Everyone thought that they’re perfect

That they’re in love and meant to be

But everyone’s wrong because the perfect they don’t know

That the “perfect couple” doesn’t care about each other at all. 26 more words


It's funny

It’s funny

how you mean the world to me,

It’s funny

how meaningless I am to you.

It’s funny

how I love you,

It’s funny… 78 more words


The Smoking Gun of Conspiracy

It’s come to my attention that the posts I had lined up in the last few weeks didn’t go live. Clearly I do not know how technology works. 927 more words

I'm Bored

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