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I Don't Want to Study

I have a kind-of midterm tomorrow and I don’t want to actually study, so I’m writing a blog post, but it’s in one of the classes I enjoy so I want to do well. 725 more words

De-Crapping My Bedroom: Part 2

Hey Everybody!

I’m back to whatever you want to call this strange blog of mine. Sorry it’s been a while. ;) Things just seem to go CRAZY around here in the fall. 516 more words


5 Things you should never say to your parents.

In my life so far, I have realized that I sometimes say things that I probably shouldn’t. So, I’m going to tell you guys the 5 things you SHOULD NEVER ask or say your parents. 192 more words


Doctor Who: What Your Favorite Doctor Says About You

Inspired by this.

Who is your favorite Doctor? Well, I can’t speak to much of the old series, but I’m going through Eight to Twelve, even though I technically don’t know Twelve much… 499 more words

Living Life With Passion

I Think I'm Writing For Little Kids Now

Welcome back, reader whose existence I do not believe in. Today, I am going to valiantly press forward in pursuit of this blog’s one mission statement: not really talking about anything. 580 more words

I'm Bored

Screaming Into the Void

First off, I’m quite sure that nobody’s going to read this. It gives a nice sense of freedom, really, knowing that I can say anything I like without people caring. 803 more words

I'm Bored

Au Revoir Boredom

Have you ever been so bored, you don’t even know what to do, for now you can wave good bye to boredom and do one of these or a couple, whatever floats your boat. 55 more words