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30 rock, bored, alec baldwin, over it, im bored, jack donaghy, this is boring Gif for Fun at your Time


I'm Bored: Hilarious In Hindsight, AVbyte, Presidential Cookie Battle

This is a short post and a short moment sharing that I found amusing, where I am able to start editing in TvTropes again (which is some days ago). 292 more words

I'm Bored

I'm Bored: The Katering Show Seasoning Two, A Review In General

After all the relative simple drama that I inflicted on myself for being an busybody towards the Presidential Campaign which I will separate it for my main love in my blog:…Things that interest me right now. 937 more words

I'm Bored

Politics: Gets Me Banned From Editing For TvTropes

This year, politics is a really nasty thing that we all got to see. With the amplification of the media and the smearing of the political candidates towards their opponents each other, if you just have an opposing viewpoint of another person, a battle between minds, words and wits ensues. 861 more words

I'm Bored

Don’t Love Me, I’m Dead

“I love you,” she confesses after telling me she has been in love with me for several years. She was the friend who stood by my side even when the whole world turned its back on me. 369 more words


“What’s the hardest part of a breakup?” my friend asks me out of the blue.

I take a sip of my soda. I shrug. “Accepting that some things can no longer be.” I scratch my head as I continue, “that the other person will no longer be there when you wake up in the middle of the night and you need someone to talk to, that the person who used to see the beauty beyond your imperfections now sees galaxies in someone else’s eyes, that the hug that used to comfort you during the tough times is now some other person’s consolation.” 104 more words


So.... A new day...... and yet theres still nothing to do

So, this whole thing should blow over when school starts again. Right? If not high school will be a different story.