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A Random Post

Uhhh… I dunno what to do…



Nutella Bae?


Anybody got something for me to do?

Nevermind.. I just remembered

I hafta make more drawings. 171 more words

I’m Bored And Watch Videos: The Katering Show

When you see an intro of Kate McClennan forcefully tearing out a twig of leaves to show legitimacy as a foodie, Kate McCartney first line is asshole, their awkwardness of hosting together, and the intro being an intestine pooping out foods that are intolerant to McCartney, you know that is show is going to be a trainwreck, and a laughable, watchable one since even the worst victim just needing a castration to be safe and sound again, and he wants to be a woman to marry an Amazon. 401 more words


Inktober 2015 (Compiled)

It is my first time to do the drawing challenge/initiative this year and i should say it really improved my drawing habit. Reminds me of the times when I would draw on any paper I had (scrap, exam papers, student journals). 698 more words


Reality Tv Thougths: Ellen' Design Challenge Season One

Well actually, I heard this show from simply searching “Season 1” one YouTube, and then the first episode of this series showed up, and one thing led to another. 796 more words

Reality Tv

10,000 Ways to Commit Suicide

This is my sixty eighth suicide attempt.

The other sixty seven didn’t work. Obviously. Still, I refuse to think of them as failures. When Thomas Edison was asked why he persisted with his goal to invent the lightbulb after failing so many times he replied, “I never failed. 567 more words

Short Stories/Excerpts

A List of Things

Alright guys, my last post was not what we’ve all come to expect from me. That was my deep, thoughtful self, the annoying older brother of my sarcastic, funny self. 870 more words

I'm Bored

I Don't Want to Study

I have a kind-of midterm tomorrow and I don’t want to actually study, so I’m writing a blog post, but it’s in one of the classes I enjoy so I want to do well. 725 more words