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Don’t Love Me, I’m Dead

“I love you,” she confesses after telling me she has been in love with me for several years. She was the friend who stood by my side even when the whole world turned its back on me. 369 more words


“What’s the hardest part of a breakup?” my friend asks me out of the blue.

I take a sip of my soda. I shrug. “Accepting that some things can no longer be.” I scratch my head as I continue, “that the other person will no longer be there when you wake up in the middle of the night and you need someone to talk to, that the person who used to see the beauty beyond your imperfections now sees galaxies in someone else’s eyes, that the hug that used to comfort you during the tough times is now some other person’s consolation.” 104 more words


So.... A new day...... and yet theres still nothing to do

So, this whole thing should blow over when school starts again. Right? If not high school will be a different story.

See You Never - 1

Maybe leaving his friends was a good idea after all. He didn’t have to wake up to Sundays with a whole string of messages on his device, all irrelevant to him and his well being. 674 more words


NBC Treasure Hunters Episode 2: Bus Ride to Rush More Teams

Teams: WTH…We have to compete with 5 more teams?

Laird Macintosh: Yes, why do you think that the prize is about 3 million? Go to your next challenge, the prize and the secrets awaits you. 341 more words

I'm Bored


With summer here, I will be on a lighter posting schedule. As we start our summer activities, I always look forward to the time away from activities, homework and schedules. 186 more words


Top Ten Reasons I Love Reading

I’ve always liked reading, but within the last few years I have grown to love reading. Before bed, in the car, on the couch, even while fishing, I can’t get enough of reading. 420 more words

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