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What a Woman Really Means When She Says, "I'm Okay"

I’m okay,” is a famous line uttered by almost every woman on the face of the planet at one point of time or another to her boo, significant other, male compliment, #MCM, bae or whatever you prefer.  232 more words

Life Lessons

I'm Fine

Although I have gotten a little better at telling the truth regarding this subject, the biggest lies that I tell myself and others is that “I’m fine”. 210 more words


Ordinary Tuesday...

So. Right now it is just super hard for me to carry on. I am exhausted and sad and just trying so hard to carry myself though the day with the very little amount of energy I have left in my big ol’ body. 241 more words


I Can't Control My Face

Am I the only one who suffers from not being able to control the emotions shown on my face?

Just like my mouth, often my face is lacking a filter…so when I say one thing my face is telling another! 449 more words

Gif Post

The Universe Gave Me A Sign-- And it Hurt

I’ve come to the realization that the only time I blog is when I need to get something off of my chest… something guy related. But I’m okay with that, so long as you guys are. 194 more words



My heart hurts

I know, so does yours

Thing is, you probably felt it before and this is the first time mine did

Periods when I can’t think straight… 273 more words