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I'm fine

This is how I feel on a daily basis. I’m too scared to tell people how I actually feel. I’m scared that by saying the truth I’ll put a downer on everything. 42 more words

I'm Always Ok

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How often do we say to our friends, that, “yeah, everything’s fine, and I’m ok?” And how often do we tell ourselves that everything is fine, and we really want to believe that everything is fine, when in reality, everything is not fine. 1,110 more words


'Are you okay?' that terrible line.

The three words that most people dread when they are upset…”Are you okay?” It puts that thing in your throat. You try to speak but you feel like you can’t even breathe. 69 more words


Just Stop It

Ever have someone in your life who treats you like a total defective?

Maybe they baby you. Maybe they walk on egg shells when they speak to you. 123 more words


My Thoughts on Kim Dongwan's "I'm Fine" Music Video

SHINHWA’s Kim Dongwan releases new track “I’m Fine.”

I don’t really follow Dongwan’s solo efforts, so I’m not familiar with what his musical style is. But, I was surprised to see him playing with a band. 73 more words


Me Too.

I have a mental illness, and I am fine.

Me Too conversations event is designed to help shatter stigma surrounding mental illness through sharing and listening to stories. 15 more words



Kim Dong Wan (1979) je južnokorejski pevač i vokal benda prve generacije kpop-a Shinhwa koji je debitovao davne 1998. godine. Pored pevanja bavi se i glumom. 85 more words