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Be Yourself

When you live your whole life hearing people say, “Be yourself” you do.

You never question who you are.

At least, you shouldn’t need to. 86 more words


Looking Back 58 - The options

About a week went by when I get this text: “Hope you are well. In an effort to streamline my life, I deactivated the previous number a few weeks ago. 536 more words

Looking Back

Winehouse Wisdom

Ms. Amy said it best when she asked “What kind of fuckery is this?”

WHAT KIND you guys, what kind of fuckery.

Who knew that being honest and open and transparent about some very real and legitimate fears would render me being dumped over a text message? 870 more words


I'm Getting Worse... but I'm Fine

I have been really messed up the past few weeks. I have been losing my mind. I have felt the anxiety building just waiting to burst inside of me. 339 more words


This Is What I Really Mean When I Say, 'I'm Fine'

As a person who has major depressive disorder, I sometimes experience difficulties when asked how I’m doing. Several thoughts go through my mind. Do they really want to know? 642 more words

The Queen of Jumping to Conclusions

This is a perfect example of how I literally could worry about anything.

This past week, my boyfriend has been working pretty long hours. Plus, his kids are here this week. 876 more words

Love Story

I'm Fine

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1st Verse:
How can you miss someone you’ve never officially met… 494 more words

Mind Matter