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Daily mantra of mine

‘I am okay’, ‘I am fine’, ‘I am doing great’, ‘I am good’.

How many times have you heard this response from me? Anyone who knows me in person would say quite a lot. 401 more words


"I'm fine" and what it really means

Everything is relative, right? We’re all different and we all have different ideals, limits, boundaries. My hair, for instance, is quite boring at the moment as far as I’m concerned, but to others it’s still quirky and I still get told I’m daring and/or brave about a hundred times a day. 333 more words

I'm Fine

I totally stole this title from a meeting that I attended today.

How many of us have said this and not really meant it? I am guilty. 438 more words

I'll Say It, So Stop

“I love you”, such beautiful words
I once believe them to be gems

Spoken rarely but truthfully

Now they have become like a “hello”
A greeting, a passing thought, 72 more words


I Lied

When you ask me if I’m okay I say,

“yes” or “I’m fine” but the truth is

I lied.

I told you I was fine because you didn’t need to worry. 77 more words



Geokjeong manhi haetjyo swipjin anhatgetjyo
Geudae eolgure da natananeyo
Ibyeoreun apeujyo kkeucheun duryeopjyo
Geuraedo dahaenghi sigani jiujyo I’m Fine I’m Fine 164 more words
I'm Fine

Episode 18 -BOMB! Feel this Energy

Hello again!  Another week, another episode of Riding the Hallyu Wave! We cover a wide range of comebacks this week from Day 6 to Hello Venus and everything in between for the week. 65 more words