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"I'm fine"

Theres this thing about life. It has a tendency to hit you when you are down again and again. But somehow you pick yourself up and gathered the crumbled walls back around your heart. 123 more words

I'm Fine


In the


Existential Crisis averted.


What if?

So I might add more to this one, might not. Just depends like the others. Enjoy :3

What if…….I told you I was a good person? 568 more words

Short Pieces

i'm fine: a facade

you can’t notice the hurt i feel whenever someone leaves me because of this mask i’m wearing. you can’t feel the weight i’m carrying on my shoulders everyday whenever i get lied to because i act as if i’m strong enough to carry everything – including the whole world itself. 317 more words

Parenting Fails On The Rise

A girl tried to commit suicide yesterday. A friend’s friend is under depression and on medication to get over it. Somebody somewhere in your school/ workplace is going mad with everything that is happening with them. 472 more words


Unsharpened pencil.

There’s no point in living, my life is a mess,

I moan and I’m moody, completely worthless.

There’s no point in trying, I’ve given my all, 50 more words


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I really feel there is no point. It's Cold Birth. Crappy Existence. Painful Death.

Hello, How Are You?

A short longish foray into embedded social niceties and the consequences thereof

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now – it’s the type of pondering that pops up when I say hi to someone as I enter the dining room and then sit down to eat. 1,063 more words