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VICTON - I'm Fine (아무렇지 않은 척)

Amureohji anheun cheok
Amugeotdo anin cheok
Neoman bomyeon jayeonseure
Nan cheok cheokhage dwae
Amureohji anheun cheok
Ppichyeodo an ppijin cheok
Ne apeseon nado mollae 305 more words
아무렇지 않은 척

I'm fine! ... Aren't I?

Sometimes I think “I’m fine” is one of the most untrue sentences you can say or hear.
Most of the time if  answer “I’m fine!” I don’t actually mean it. 650 more words

I'm Fine

I don’t have a fear of public speaking
I’m not afraid to give you a piece of my mind
I’ll gladly explain my opinion
But I still lie when I say “I’m fine” 145 more words


The Dark Truth Of Living In My Mind

“Living with anxiety and depression is like watching people around you breathing, but instead your blue lips inhale words of self-hatred and you know you should be able to fill your lungs with fresh oxygen like everyone else but you can’t. 703 more words

"I thought you hated me when I first met you..."

Typically annoying CBF remark no. 17, first received when I was 12 years old.

*Insert deep inhale and exaggerated sigh here*

Oh that old chestnut. 513 more words

Chronic Bitch Face

"I'm Fine."

“Are you okay?” – Everyone.

“I’m fine.” – Me.

“No, I’m not fine at all. I’m mentally breaking down, I’m silently crying and calling for help inside but no one hears me or understands.

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Cup Of Thoughts

UK Event: "I'm Fine"- Workshop And Discussion Hosted By Lisa Bent

“How are you?

–   “I’m Fine”

How many times have you said this to others when you were far from fine?

“I’m fine” for many is a statement that masks how they really feel.

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