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Never Alone, Alone All the Time

I find myself slipping into old patterns of a new depression.  I’m so tired of hurting.  I wonder if there is supposed to be happiness for me for more than a fleeting moment.  128 more words

"I'm Fine" (2)

I still mask my feelings, it’s just far easier to pretend,

Keep a smile plastered upon my face, until the day comes to an end. 266 more words


Hidden Truths.

Everything’s hurting. I’m

Always in a bad place.

Trying to overcome


Never seeming to

Get far enough away.

Dying for perfection.

Insecure from neglect. 88 more words


Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Three days ago. (Saturday night) I had a little break down that went on from about 10:00 pm to 2:00 am.

I went into my room, sat on my floor in front of my mirror, and I stared at myself. 319 more words



Church. I can’t do it anymore. I have to take a break.

I don’t belong there, I never have; the only reason I even really try anymore is because that’s what my Nana taught me when I was younger. 152 more words


I'm fine

If you’re still here, then somehow, I know that you’re still looking out for me. Thank you. I’m fine. I still experience those days but I’m doing okay, I guess. 198 more words