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My Crohns Story

I think that when I first got my symptoms, in Feburary/March 2015, my parents- and the the rest my family for that matter- thought I was exaggerating. 513 more words

Whispering lies

I wanted to talk about it.

Damn it.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to yell.

I wanted you to hear me shout it all out. 12 more words

Reader's Club

The truth behind 'I'm fine'

When did the simple question of ‘how are you’ become so difficult and complex to answer? My initial reaction is a quick ‘I’m fine’ as I briefly smile and nod my head as I think to myself – I’m not in pain, nor going through anything traumatic, so I must be fine. 271 more words


Not a priority

You say I’m way too quiet

And maybe I am.

It’s not that I don’t have things to say…

It’s just that I stopped thinking they were important, 7 more words


Dear reader,

Thanks for stopping by. You have probably stumbled upon this blog entry accidentally because this is just my first blog post. But I`ll be happy if you stick around to follow my story. 133 more words


Translation needed

I say

“I’m fine”

so effortlessly.

I wonder if you heard

what i really said.

“I’m tired”

“I’m scared”

“Please love me”

“Don’t hurt me”.


Lies of I'm Fine

The most broken hearts

Are not in the club

Or the dark alleys in downtown

They’re not in the hospital

Or at rehab centers around the city… 31 more words