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'Fine' Is Not A Feeling

There were a number of classes I took in college that stuck with me. Classes that enabled some form of revelation or another. Classes that provided insight and awareness. 1,043 more words

Bullets, Busted Glass, and Stones Thrown Dot the Question Mark.

We have these questions we ask each other
Which should often have meaning
but have been relegated to nothing more than
Sympathy cards with signatures… 463 more words



How are you?

Oh, me? I’m fine.

Yes, fine.

No, not great. Just fine.

Maybe I should be great, right? I mean.. I do have a great job, a great husband, a great car, great friends, and a great family. 505 more words

Day Surgery

Day surgery is done. I am at home, in bed and resting. I’m tired, and glad I was able to eat and drink. I refused narcotics, so not to dopey, just tired from lack of sleep last night. 27 more words


[Korean] Basic Greetings

어떻게지내세요? means “How are you?” But let’s break this sentence down.

어떻게 – how, 지 – are(am, is etc.), 내세 – you, 요 – sentence ender… 34 more words


Setting Goals

I think it’s important to set little goals for ourselves but also to acknowledge what we’ve already achieved. I want to set myself some goals to keep myself motivated and I want to write down what I’ve already achieved so that on a bad day I can look at this and remind myself how far I’ve come. 174 more words


Double Personality

Today was actually a little bit easier.

I do not feel normal just yet, but it was easier to talk to people, to look at people. 277 more words