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A Babies First Steps: "I'm Fine"

With the end of senior year rapidly approaching, I can safely say I have not had senioritous hit me. I have been working like crazy to the point where I haven’t been able to blog. 899 more words



“Anything can happen. Anything happens all the time.” -Rose Byrne

One. Two. Three…

I knock back the harsh liquid and gulp, hissing from the sting of alcohol. 435 more words

The mistake i still regret today (Storytime)

I know most of you are probably sick of hearing me rant on and on about school and how i can’t take it. in a poem that was talking about school a lot of the stuff there is true but what i also regret is that when i finished middle school my mom wanted to move closer to the school that i’m currently enrolled at (Terrible mistakes on both parts) So it took quite a while to find a house that would not just be close to the school but also in a good area we tried many houses but a lot of the landlords didn’t want cat in the apartment We soon later find a house that’s quite close to the school and is in a fairly alright neighborhood as well we soon eventually move into the house (somewhere in July of 2015) and i was looking forward to starting high school and i thought i can finally have normal life (My fate was sealed that day). 292 more words

Living in a Lonely World: A Review of Leyna Krow's I'M FINE, BUT YOU APPEAR TO BE SINKING

I’m Fine, but You Appear to Be Sinking, by Leyna Krow. Chicago, Illinois: Featherproof Books, February 2017. 188 pages. $15.95, paper.

If ever “reading” was to be considered a solitary enterprise, one is ironically sure to be acquainted with a fair few lonesome characters in Leyna Krow’s short story collection, … 1,553 more words

Book Reviews

I say I'm fine...

I say I am fine with everything that has happened. I act normal. I pretend that I am not hurting inside. I laugh at your jokes and smile back when you smile at me. 362 more words


Freshmen year (Poem)

Every day during school there is that constant pressure of knowing that there is a test or quiz at every corner

No one said  High school was easy and no one ever said that it would be normal… 834 more words


The Eternal Quest Continues

This is the story of the time my youngest son tried to help me make dinner and my eternal quest to not curse in front of the children. 366 more words