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UK Event: "I'm Fine"- Workshop And Discussion Hosted By Lisa Bent

“How are you?

–   “I’m Fine”

How many times have you said this to others when you were far from fine?

“I’m fine” for many is a statement that masks how they really feel.

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I'm Fine.

Whenever I use the word “Fine”, it’s typically because something is wrong but I’m not wanting to talk about it.

I think we have all experienced days where we feel like everything is going wrong, you didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, and the one thing you a dreading throughout the day is the small question of “how are you?” (or the more Australian version of “How you going?”). 330 more words


I'm Fine. 

For years, almost all my life, I was a happy person. I thought I was a happy, giddy, outgoing person. Sure, I had the occasional bad mood, I had PMT, I had a bad day.. 372 more words


I'm Fine Pt. 2

I made it to today. I managed to get myself out of bed, shower, and fix my hair and make-up. It wasn’t until about one in the afternoon… but I did it. 279 more words

Ramblings About My Day

"I'm Fine."

However, I am not okay.

“My anxiety is out of control. My emotions are all over the place. My mind is in a negative state.

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Ramblings About My Day

I'm fine - The most common lie

A: “How are you?”
B: “I’m fine” (forcing back tears)
A: “You sure?”
B: “Yea, I’m fine” (forces a smile)

I’m so sure this sort of conversation is not strange to us at all. 638 more words



I’m pretty sure that every one of you has said that statement atleast once in your life mostly when you were a teen, or you were going through a rough patch or you were super grumpy from the mood swings. 425 more words

Philosphy Of A Teen