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none pizza with left beef

Polka Dot Astronaut Burrito or Polka Dot Astronaut Ship’s Doctor.

Can I Be A Feminist If...?

…I wear makeup?
…I like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce?
…I come home and make dinner for my husband/boyfriend/father/whatever man I have in my life?
…I am not angry all the time? 1,009 more words


Don't tinder while drunk.

A cautionary tale for you single ladies out there…  This is what happens when you tinder at 4AM after you’ve been out all night drinking. Just don’t. 26 more words


World of Wigan Premiere - The Speeches

Here at World of Wigan, we’ve become tired of shattering personal and world records at an exceeding, almost alarming rate. So we’ve decided to celebrate. 54 more words


Foot in Mouth Disease

Ever think to yourself, “I had to have been drunk when I wrote that”? A text, Facebook post, mirror message, what have you…? But then you think back & realize, nope. 25 more words


Twitter Suggestions: Groovy Chick edition

There’s a small group of people in this world who I consider to be a ‘groovy chick’ or ‘funky lady’ eg Tina Fey always and forever. 275 more words