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This is me. I could insert a Camp Rock joke here, but almost no one would understand it because no one is as big of a loser as I am. 341 more words


We'll See How This Goes...

Why hello there!

I recently read that that anyone who wants to be a writer should have a blog, so here I am! My new years resolution is to write more so we’ll see how this goes because the last time I kept a resolution was…well, never. 161 more words


I’m new here.
Take me in,
Show me your
Ants on a log.
Show me your
Childish smile, your

It’s nice to be by myself, but… 138 more words

My Journey

The beginning.

So today I’ve made the steps to start a blog. A place to vent, attempt to clear my very busy mind and somewhere to hopefully gain some sort of understanding of anything and everything. 188 more words


give me some roses paddy

On my way to the park this morning, I had to stop for a chat with Paddy next door. He was watering his and Mary’s roses. 110 more words

"BROKEN HOMES," Single Moms, Remarkable Sons .... Gil Scott-Heron, jazz poet

All I really want to say
Is that the problems come and go
But the sunshine seems to stay

Gil Scott-Heron died around this time in 2011.

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General Interest

the first one

Honestly, I don’t know what to write for this one I’ve been contemplating what to do and how to do it but then I realised I just have to type up whatever my fingers feel like typing. 170 more words