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Unless You've Tried These Desserts, You Haven't Lived!

When I have nothing to do, I start thinking about food and how I wish I had some. This usually takes place after I have devoured everything in my refrigerator. 292 more words

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Apparently my dogs hide to scratch themselves because every time they do I grab em and check them for fleas and ticks and they hate it. 34 more words



Being a introvert is like being Robert Downey Jr. in your head

and Castiel in real life

Think of opposites the other way. RDJ in real life and Castiel in your head.


-puts Will in a protective bubble of cute-

He’s quite literally playing in it like an idiot. Omf.

Lee Da-hae participated in SUHO's new song, 'No Kidding'

Lee Da-hae participated in narration for SUHO’s new song, ‘No Kidding’.

On August 13th, WS Entertainment told, “Actress Lee Da-hae participated in narration of SUHO’s new song, ‘No Kidding’, which will be released on August 14th at noon.” 143 more words

Lee Da-hae

"I'm not Kidding" narr. Lee Da-hae

Here is the video of SUHO “I’m not kidding” Song Narr. Lee Da-hae Feat. Kim Tae-Woo.

Although our girl narration is very brief at the first few seconds of the video but I am still happy to hear her voice and we got SUHO calling her name at the very beginning giving the indication that the whole song lyrics is directed to her, hehehe :D… 26 more words

Lee Da-hae

Lee Da-hae do Narration in a song for her friend SUHO

It is always great to get new news about Da-hae. It just makes my day better :D

And we got wonderful news because although we don’t see our girl in a project these days but at least we will get to hear her voice :) 126 more words

Lee Da-hae