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Cursing Sir Walter Raleigh

It’s 5:00 am Eastern Standard.  I haven’t slept all night.  Staring unblinking at the monitor seems to be the order of the day for the past several days. 44 more words


Becoming a Runner (week 1 day 3)

Today was amazing.
I ate way too much food, but that’s just standard me. (By way too much, I mean I ate chips. Again. With cheese.) 177 more words

Physical Health

I'm So Tired, #1140

I’m kind of tired this morning, but it was really yesterday that prompted me to write this blog today.  I had a crazy night – 2 rude awakenings right in the middle.   242 more words

Songs Of The Day

Embrace Your Inner Beatle! "I'm So Tired"

Back to coins for this week’s randomizing method. Seven quick flips to allow the gods of genius and creativity to have their say, and…

Oh gods. 2,243 more words


hey again stranger!!!!!

before you go further….. you don’t need to read it unless you’re a fan of teenage girls’ stupid useless posts

so.. uhm… hello?

why am I doing this anyway….. 117 more words

Stories Of My Life

I'm So Tired - The Beatles

The song cuts through the heart in terms of lyrics and delivery. John feels so exhausted and helpless but resilient. Lost but not defeated. Hurt but not hopeless. 244 more words

John Lennon