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more than society's idea of beauty

My name is Destanee Fillinger. It’s 8:24am and I haven’t slept. I looked in the mirror and took in my acne. I counted out 9 pimples. 392 more words

Get To Know Me

Hey Sasuke! Fuck you!

I can’t believe these idiots.

But I bet Naruto can. Because he believes fucking everything.

Anyway. It’s April 1st. You know what that means. All of the April Fool’s Day fuckery is about and it’s so… Ugh! 742 more words

Naruto Is Stupid

Cross Discipline Project: 2

i marathoned making my wizard card (norse ice wizard, inspired by loki and odin from mythology) and now i want to burn it, but it goes alright (i guess) 62 more words

I Think I Might Be God's Adorable and Yet Hella Petulant Three Year Old

The little girl I babysit doesn’t like when any characters die. If we play make believe and a character should reasonably be dead, she immediately stops me, saying “No, that’s too sad.” I usually remind her that while it is sad when people die, sometimes it does happen. 132 more words