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Halfway Through

We’re halfway through the year and I have already learned so much. I figured I should outline some of my “don’t” findings here for you all: 236 more words

Wasting Away

There’s a feeling of defeat that’s so big that you just let a chair hold you. I’m not actively sitting down, the chair is doing all the work, holding me up. 64 more words


five good things and a few yikes

Week two is here. Week two is, essentially, over. But man has week two taken a lot out of me. 1,260 more words


My Nichi Mo Scarlet Yo!

Dear Reader,

I hope this blog post finds you well.

Please, call me Scarlet, I am a 22 turning 23 year old and I am moving to Fukyama in less than two weeks. 215 more words

Jittery Thoughts


Something “quick” about laser pointers before bed. I say “quick” because I started this an hour ago. It is now four in the morning.

36 more words

Don’t believe everything the internet tells you



There have been posts spreading around that Chris Evans has read the first issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America and found out what they did to Cap, using this image as evidence:

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