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What is Real Wisdom? What is Real Strength?

I once read that real wisdom and strength was knowing the difference between when to fight, and when to give up. And knowing that you weren’t “giving up”, but making the right choice? 187 more words

My Mental Health Journey

My Anxiety is a Living, Breathing Demon

I can feel it. It’s inside me.

It’s like a squid. Sitting in my stomach. It’s heavy and it makes me feel sick. It’s stretching its tentacles and tightening my chest. 49 more words

My Mental Health Journey



i want to die

you guys need to learn when to shut up


I grew up thinking that Marriage was a 50/50 kind of deal, you each give and take equally and support each other through sickness and health and blah blah blah. 400 more words

Sunset Musings

And now….

Sunset Musings and Considerations.

Volume 1.


People have been cut by smooth jazz CDs.

Thank you.


I Am Reminded of Certain Things

I finished the arts and crafts project I was working on. There were a few hiccups (OK several) along the way, but once I learned to stop stressing over it, I could think of a way out of my problem. 661 more words


Pender Bear

“What did you do?” Jonah screamed as multiple blood vessels became very visible on his forehead.

“We call it a Pender Bear.  It’s a spider-penguin-grizzly combo.  138 more words