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Los Angeles:

Each¬†time I go to LA, I fall more and more in love with that wonderful, sprawling city. You might recall my disillusionment the first time I went, when I was shocked that there weren’t studio actors on parade, when all the buildings that had stood in the heyday of Hollywood were gone, when there was nothing at all like I imagined. 1,779 more words


The Ethics of Remixing

In his four-part video series, Kirby Ferguson brings up an interesting topic. Could everything fundamentally ‘creative’ that we know simply be a remix of something else? 598 more words

Halfway Through

We’re halfway through the year and I have already learned so much. I figured I should outline some of my “don’t” findings here for you all: 236 more words

Wasting Away

There’s a feeling of defeat that’s so big that you just let a chair hold you. I’m not actively sitting down, the chair is doing all the work, holding me up. 64 more words

Senior Year

five good things and a few yikes

Week two is here. Week two is, essentially, over. But man has week two taken a lot out of me. 1,260 more words


My Nichi Mo Scarlet Yo!

Dear Reader,

I hope this blog post finds you well.

Please, call me Scarlet, I am a 22 turning 23 year old and I am moving to Fukyama in less than two weeks. 215 more words

Jittery Thoughts


Hahahahahahaha… end me.¬†

*Casually adds this to the list of things I need to apologize for* 58 more words