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My Nichi Mo Scarlet Yo!

Dear Reader,

I hope this blog post finds you well.

Please, call me Scarlet, I am a 22 turning 23 year old and I am moving to Fukyama in less than two weeks. 215 more words

Jittery Thoughts


Something “quick” about laser pointers before bed. I say “quick” because I started this an hour ago. It is now four in the morning.

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Don’t believe everything the internet tells you



There have been posts spreading around that Chris Evans has read the first issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America and found out what they did to Cap, using this image as evidence:

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i know it’s a dumb thing to be upset about but the clear bias against anything dc does in popular media is so disheartening…..bvs was picked apart from the moment it was announced three years ago no one outside of fans was even trying to give it a chance and now marvel comes out with the exact same movie but with some jokes and brighter lightening and it’s the best thing since tdk trilogy 

more than society's idea of beauty

My name is Destanee Fillinger. It’s 8:24am and I haven’t slept. I looked in the mirror and took in my acne. I counted out 9 pimples. 392 more words

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