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Thoughts on your favorite pets personallity

Max is a total trip. I have never met a German Shepard Lab mix that wanted to be human, I take that back. Who thought he was human. 199 more words

Prompt Post

gloriously tired

At 7 am and approaching the bottom of our stairwell, my eyes landed on something that makes my messy life even messier, a soppy hair ball the size of my index finger.   833 more words

A Cardboard Box At Sea

1- I have not moved from this sinking sofa in five hours straight, and when the doctor’s bring in the leeches I have no strength to stop them. 350 more words


Sitting in his nowhere land - Outdoor activities (4)

“I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink” – Budapest, Hungary, May 2011


Coming Home

When I was back home, like home home, I kept referring to Uni as ‘home’. Just by accident, across the dinner table I’d make an offhand comment whilst pouring salt over mashed potato; “Oh yeah, at home, we used to have to…’ 373 more words

Cursing Sir Walter Raleigh

It’s 5:00 am Eastern Standard.  I haven’t slept all night.  Staring unblinking at the monitor seems to be the order of the day for the past several days. 44 more words