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1769 I'm So Tired - The Beatles (1968)

I’m So Tired was written by John Lennon but is credited to Lennon-McCartney.  A demo version recorded by The Beatles at George Harrison’s home in Esher in 1968 has never been released. 67 more words


Birthdays Without Grandmas

And then, one birthday, you don’t get a birthday card from Grandma.

My grandma stopped mailing out cards several years ago, because she got super spunky and common-sense in her very-old-age, and said she was “too old” to be remembering everyone’s birthdays. 347 more words


"I'm So Tired"

Once upon an early adulthood, I thought I would never identify with this song the way I did back then. It was pre-kids. Lots of notions have gone the way of Ty Webb’s lumberyard since March 2006. 46 more words




Los Angeles:

Each time I go to LA, I fall more and more in love with that wonderful, sprawling city. You might recall my disillusionment the first time I went, when I was shocked that there weren’t studio actors on parade, when all the buildings that had stood in the heyday of Hollywood were gone, when there was nothing at all like I imagined. 1,779 more words


The Ethics of Remixing

In his four-part video series, Kirby Ferguson brings up an interesting topic. Could everything fundamentally ‘creative’ that we know simply be a remix of something else? 598 more words

Halfway Through

We’re halfway through the year and I have already learned so much. I figured I should outline some of my “don’t” findings here for you all: 236 more words

Wasting Away

There’s a feeling of defeat that’s so big that you just let a chair hold you. I’m not actively sitting down, the chair is doing all the work, holding me up. 64 more words

Senior Year