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I Am Reminded of Certain Things

I finished the arts and crafts project I was working on. There were a few hiccups (OK several) along the way, but once I learned to stop stressing over it, I could think of a way out of my problem. 661 more words


Pender Bear

“What did you do?” Jonah screamed as multiple blood vessels became very visible on his forehead.

“We call it a Pender Bear.  It’s a spider-penguin-grizzly combo.  138 more words


Taiwan trip – Day 3

This morning I hit the snooze button and I found it really difficult to wake up. I was hurting in a lot of places, like my legs and my feet, and most importantly my UTERUS. 552 more words

Life And My Musings

1769 I'm So Tired - The Beatles (1968)

I’m So Tired was written by John Lennon but is credited to Lennon-McCartney.  A demo version recorded by The Beatles at George Harrison’s home in Esher in 1968 has never been released. 67 more words




Los Angeles:

Each time I go to LA, I fall more and more in love with that wonderful, sprawling city. You might recall my disillusionment the first time I went, when I was shocked that there weren’t studio actors on parade, when all the buildings that had stood in the heyday of Hollywood were gone, when there was nothing at all like I imagined. 1,779 more words


The Ethics of Remixing

In his four-part video series, Kirby Ferguson brings up an interesting topic. Could everything fundamentally ‘creative’ that we know simply be a remix of something else? 598 more words

Halfway Through

We’re halfway through the year and I have already learned so much. I figured I should outline some of my “don’t” findings here for you all: 236 more words