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12 Days With No Added Sugar and Still Alive To Tell About It

I’m finished my 12 days in the 14 Day Challenge the Land of No Added Sugar, and I have to say it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.  746 more words

Misguided Musings

Day 1458: We're still alive

Yesterday, in a therapy group, somebody said, “We’re still alive.”  Since that phrase felt very alive to me, I wrote it on my white board, where it still is. 123 more words

Personal Growth

Κριτική: I'm Still Here(2010)

Γύρω στο 2008 ο καταξιωμένος και δυο φορές προτινόμενος για Όσκαρ ηθοποιός Joaquin Phoenix ανακοινώνει πως εγκαταλείπει την υποκριτική για χάρη της μουσικής του καριέρας ως rapper. 35 more words


"I'm telling the story, and if I can't tell the story, I'm not going to sing it."

I’m getting to the point where I’m running out of synonyms for sadness and loss.

Just listen to this voice, the voice of the incomparable Sharon Jones, with her devoted Dap Kings. 41 more words


I'm Still Here

This cinematic oddity from 2010 follows Joaquin Phoenix’s retirement from acting and pursuit of a hip-hop career.

Except it doesn’t. The whole thing was a hoax, staged and scripted by Phoenix and his brother-in-law Casey Affleck. 198 more words


Day 82: "I'm Still Here"

In less than twenty-four hours, I’m going to be a year older.

Technically, I’m going to be a day older, but since it’s my birthday, I’m also going to be a year older (at least from a legal perspective). 295 more words

Ramblings And Ruminations

Miscellaneous Monday

Reading…5 books at once. Very. Very. Slowly. I’m in a bad way, reader friends. I’m all over the place and need a serious reading reset. 698 more words

On A Personal Note...