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2017 Game Review Haiku, #61 – I'm Still Here

Brand new apartment
Haunted, fish out who it is
Delightfully quick

I can’t believe I’m still doing this. I can’t believe I’ll ever stop. These game summaries in chunks of five, seven, and five syllable lines paint pictures in the mind better than any half a dozen descriptive paragraphs I could ever write. 39 more words


I'm Still Here ***1/2 (Out of 4)

Consensus: “I’m Still Here” is a wild documentary about Joaquin Phoenix quitting acting to become a rapper. Seems insane at first and most of it is but not everything is as it seems.

I'm Still Here

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. . .

While this statement may be true, I have to say it is unequivocally UNTRUE when it comes to reading.

Some of you may have seen a recent lapse in my blogs/interviews etc. 255 more words

Alive And Kicking

I'm Still Here by Clelie Avit. A review. 

Hi guys!

Hope you’re all enjoying your Easter weekend! I’m in the midst of a four day weekend, I am sooo happy about this! Imagine all the reading I will do! 413 more words

My Problem With Casey Affleck

So, to be honest, in regards to acting merit, I AM upset that Casey Affleck beat Denzel Washington for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. However; that’s not why I’m writing this post today. 455 more words

Social Commentary

A Little Hiatus

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I have been elbow deep in Fire Princess edits and getting it ready for the editor. Don’t worry, I am going to pick on Main Character Monday again this week and will start posting at my normal rate again. 20 more words

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‘If you are in a quandary, hold on and the solution will appear in the palm of your hand. God may not be there when you want him but he is always on time.’ 6 more words