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The first born dilemma

From very early on First-borns learn to behave or else! As a result, they hold themselves accountable for their actions and the consequences thereof. This character trait can be a blessing for it speaks to their integrity and sincerity, but it can also be a curse since they often accept blame where there should be none, beating themselves up unnecessarily. 1,160 more words

Short Stories

I'm Kind of a Big Deal

It’s clear that my addict brain is completely bonkers. I am an insane person when I listen to it. There is really no other way to put it. 555 more words


I'm Worth It!

This morning it hit me how I can bring myself down to a point where I absolutely hate myself. I wish I could stop doing that, I would spend hours thinking about things that don’t matter, and I have no proof of. 367 more words

Love Yourself

Is He The One?

If you are dating someone and he does not constantly text you or call you, you should start to question that. Because if he is not showing you attention he might be showing it to someone else. 35 more words

I'm Worth It