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Graduation is coming which means…

New Clothes, Graduation Parties, and Presents!

Whether you’re graduating or you have a sibling participating in graduation, you’re going to need to look good. 409 more words

Grace Munford

Your Finals Week Style Guide

Finals May be the Worst Time of the Year

It’s that time of year again when we must put our thinking caps. Finals week is tough as it is, but you can make it through with these simple steps, I promise. 354 more words

Grace Munford

Pool Party!

School Is Out!

Now that school is out it is time to bust out your favorite swim suit and beach towel and get to work on that tan! 344 more words

Grace Munford

Summer Internship?

Congratulations! You made it to summer!

So, you are finally done with the semester. Summer is the best time of the year in my opinion. No school, sun, warm weather, and time to enjoy your friends and family. 463 more words

Grace Munford

I can't afford to look good

College students are not rolling in cash

We’re all in this together right? Sometimes Urban Outfitters (trust fund hipster store), Madewell, and Anthropologie just don’t have the kind of prices that can fit your budget. 493 more words

Grace Munford

Making the most of your first and the last chance to create a “First” impression

Hello everybody! I know I have been away for way to long. But this time I am back for good :) so lets talk about first impressions today. 532 more words


Does my Professor Actually Care?

Yes, Professors Care.

“My professor doesn’t even care what I look like.”

“It’s not important to me anyway so why would I dress nicely.”

“This class is a joke so I’m not even going to try and look like I’m interested.” 471 more words

Grace Munford