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Re-defining my self

Change is the only constant. A well-established fact and a bitter truth. But it is upon you how you grow, and how gracefully you adapt to the changes. 250 more words

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Spell it right!

“Hy, hw r u? I m f9, thnk u.” Well, hello! are we so lazy or extremely busy to miss out on our vowels? We live in a world where in almost everything is digital – for any kind of work – text, call or just talk to your phone and the needful is done. 365 more words

Bride for her Champagne brunch look

The trend of Indian wedding has changed. All the occasions are given themes and dress codes, and yes, people do follow them. There will be themes like mela, village, colour codes, cocktail, pool party etc. 223 more words

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That "Aha" Moment

We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words. Every where you go, people depend on a good visual experience. They want to be convinced – so much so that they should genuinely be able to say “Aha!!.. 525 more words

Enlighten "wisdom" this Diwali

Diwali –or Deepavali literally means deep – light and Avali – rows, a row of lights.

There are many stories behind celebrating Diwali, like it is the day when Lord Vishnu got married to Lakshmi, when Lord Vishnu fought and won against Bali-a demon king, and many more. 260 more words

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Diwali X Etiquette

Any festival we celebrate in any part of the world (specially India) involves a slight overdose of celebrations.. in a good way obviously :D. We meet people, spend time with our loved ones, buy new clothes and perform a few rituals – we get to do a bit of everything. 384 more words

Personal Brand and Image - Similar but Different

Take a moment and think of three words that accurately resemble how you see yourself and then write a few words down about how you believe others see you… 1,163 more words