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Exercise: Image Development ...

For this exercise I was instructed to take an image with a range of content – with action in the back ground and foreground. The image I chose was this one: … 1,896 more words

Emma Butler

A generic model for how the Turin Shroud could have been forged via a TWO STEP process (image capture, then separate image development).

Here’s a comment I left a couple of days ago on Dan Porter’s shroudstory site (my last on that impervious-to-reason site). It flags up my current thinking that the Turin Shroud must have been produced via a TWO STEP process (necessary for fine-tuning the forgers’ objectives of simulating what a  1300 year old sweat/blood imprint might look like on Joseph of Arimathea’s linen, the latter deployed as a temporary makeshift stretcher/body bag* used simply as a dignified means for transferring the crucified Jesus from cross to nearby rock tomb – NOT AS FINAL BURIAL SHROUD). 868 more words

Shroud Of Turin

Upcoming Webinar − Joe Reardon/Topaz Labs

I recently received word from Joe Reardon and Topaz Labs that Joe will present an Internet seminar sponsored by Topaz on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CST (GMT-6). 91 more words


Luminosity Masks for Black and White

Being mostly a Nature photographer producing color images, I occasionally get questions about the applicability of luminosity masks to other genres such as portraits, wildlife, autos, and black and white. 1,023 more words

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Chinese Street Lanterns

Bucket and brush

Bath Tokens

Opening Sequence

Mindmap and Sketches

I created a small mindmap which features the elements seen from the film. I included the major characters as well as prominent objects.

Opening Sequence