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Exercise: Image Development

Traffic jam near Karkardi, India. Photo from Daily Mail By Parveen Negi

Follow: This crop removes the traffic jam as a subject – the motorcyclist looking over his shoulder is now the focus of the image with many lines drawing our attention to him. 1,640 more words

Illustration 1: Key Steps

Classic Luminosity Masking

Since writing the first luminosity mask tutorial I’ve found countless uses for them and there are always new options to explore. For new users, though, it can sometimes be a bit daunting to know where to start.  1,353 more words

Digital Techniques

Week 3: Poetry Workshop, Image Systems

To Lay Sick

there’s a monotony in illness,
a wave of nausea that wants
to limit you, wants to bury

you into pallid stillness, leave… 98 more words


"Image Inside Out" with Atika Dhandhia

It was a very wonderful session with Atika Dhandhia, senior Art of Living international faculty and a famous Image consultant yesterday.

Art Of Living

Exercise – Image development – Ex3, part 3, I1

Cut two ‘L’ shapes of card or stiff paper.  You are going to use them to explore formats, to zoom in and out of compositions.

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Level 1

Exercise: Image Development ...

For this exercise I was instructed to take an image with a range of content – with action in the back ground and foreground. The image I chose was this one: … 1,892 more words

Emma Butler

A generic model for how the Turin Shroud could have been forged via a TWO STEP process (image capture, then separate image development).

Here’s a comment I left a couple of days ago on Dan Porter’s shroudstory site (my last on that impervious-to-reason site). It flags up my current thinking that the Turin Shroud must have been produced via a TWO STEP process (necessary for fine-tuning the forgers’ objectives of simulating what a  1300 year old sweat/blood imprint might look like on Joseph of Arimathea’s linen, the latter deployed as a temporary makeshift stretcher/body bag* used simply as a dignified means for transferring the crucified Jesus from cross to nearby rock tomb – NOT AS FINAL BURIAL SHROUD). 868 more words

Shroud Of Turin